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25-02-12, 16:40
I promised that we would set something up so that members can choose which forums they can and cannot view on NMP.

This will allow you to customise your forum view so that if you know posts in the Health Anxiety forum (for example) can trigger or upset you then you can now exclude this entire forum from view and hence all the posts in there.

Equally you may not be interested in the media interest/research forum or the panic/pause/games forum so again these can be excluded from view.

We hope that this provides an opportunity for everyone to come to NMP and customise their viewing.

Thank You to Alex for implementing this for me.

To customise your view you need to edit some options in your User Control Panel:

Click on Quick Links (along the menu bar at the top) then Edit Options:


Scroll right down to the bottom and there you will see the "Forums to Exclude" part.


Simply click on the forum you want to exclude and save the changes. To select multiple forums to exclude from view click on the first one then press the CRTL key and click on the next one and so on. Don't forget to click on "Save Changes" once you have finished.

25-02-12, 17:20
Thank you very much!

25-02-12, 17:26
brilliant. thanks. I was finding the forum quite difficult to navigate with all the sub forums - now I can easily find the things that are relevant to me. thank you.

25-02-12, 17:36
You are both welcome

25-02-12, 20:10
I dont wish to exclude anyone but I do find some topics 'ok i cant read this', thankyou Nicola

25-02-12, 21:26
Will you be able to inform people as well that my site is up and running if they want to be part of a HA only community as well as NMP?

25-02-12, 22:18
I will when I have looked at it completely xfilme. Just need to find some time.

25-02-12, 22:19
oh no worries nic, i wasnt pushing, i just didnt know if you were no longer interested because youd found a way to resolve the problem. i only asked here to prevent you the hassle of having to email me xx

25-02-12, 22:53
I know - it is fine. It looks good though

23-03-12, 15:19
any interest in helping each other? its been a month now. nothing :S

23-03-12, 17:41
That's a great idea, thanks for doing this.

27-03-12, 23:55
Very good of you to consider everyones wants / needs i hope they appreciate it .

I will continue as i am because i,m nosey :D

Thanks for a wonderfull site i still look in now and again but thanks to the docs / meds , and this site and its members i,m feeling more like my old self again .
It really was a life line for me 18 months ago .