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23-06-06, 01:11
i'm really self concious about my height. I'm 5'1 and I think that causes me to be nervous about meeting new people. Everytime I meet someone new I can't help but think they are thinking bad things about me because I'm short. I just really wish I could get over this because I know people don't care. Or at least I hope they dont...:/

Two heads
23-06-06, 10:48
You shouldet worry about your height sweet theres lots of small people out there.Im only 5,3 and i weigh 7,6 so im tiny.
people will take you for who you are,they dont care that your small!

mind contorted
23-06-06, 11:14
A girl once totally stole my heart and she was 4' 11.
Too much information i think!

But honestly i really don't think it matters much.
If people are seriously judging your character based soley on your height then they aren't worth knowing anyway.

Ma Larkin
23-06-06, 13:09
I'm 5' 2" and 7 stone, tiny too and 40!! The best things come in small packages and always remember that. We're all the same size lying down lol!!!

Don't be self-conscious about your height, people won't judge you cos you're small, they will judge you as a person. I have a really good mate who is a dwarf (don't know whether that's politically correct any more), he has a girlfriend of about 5' 4" and no-one judges him, he's just Bob. I promise you people will see through you height and like you for the person you are.

Trust me, I'm small!! Les, xx

emma chant
23-06-06, 19:47
HI THERE , dont feel self concious about your height.I'm certain people don't think anything attall.

e chant

polly daydream
23-06-06, 23:58
Hi sweet, I am only 5' 2", people take me for who I am or not at all, have that attitude and you will be ok.

Best wishes


24-06-06, 19:59
Hey you know what iīv learned, most people arnīt satisfied with themselvs. if weīr tall we want to be short, if weīr short we want to be tall, if we are fat we want to be thin and if we are thin we want to be fuller. but the truth is that we are our worst critics. We are the ones judging ourselfs. So youīr short, so what? look for a long time i was self concious about my height. i felt big and akward around other people because iīm tall. i didnīt want to be difrent from the rest i just wanted to be the same until i realized that we are all diferent and itīs those difrences that make each one of us special. The important thing is not what others think of you but what you think of yourself. for people like ypu and me who arenīt the average height, there will always be comments made of our height, but that doesnīt mean that we arenīt normal or wierd, we just stand out from the croud because of our unik caracteristic, and that is not bad itīs good. belive me, once you learn to accept and love yourself you will be so much happier and when someone comments on your height it wonīt even bother you. Good Luck