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02-03-12, 00:05
I dont see any new posts, but will try if i get some response!

I was prescribed trazodone 50mg by my pdoc, take 2 tabs when needed! The first night I took 50mg, it made me too drowsy, eyes heavy but mind awake! had a horrible nightmares while half asleep, half awake! Drowsiness lingered until the following day with nausea and muscle pains!

Took 2tabs the following night thinking that it would put me right to sleep! I was wrong, experienced weird sensations, horrible nightmares again! I was crying and screaming for help in my half awake, half asleep state! I thought I'd die! When I got up I was too dizzy, drowsy and eyes red and heavy.

I wont take this meds again! Some people swear by its effectiveness. But I had very bad experience from this!

I take citalopram 10mg dose in am for 3wks now!


16-10-12, 06:38
Hi Naro...I have the odd strange nightmare two Ithink its quite common on this drug..they cant hurt you so just try not to get to down on them..mine have calmed right down now iv been on them for nearly a couple on months,,,,

16-10-12, 09:03
I never got nightmares last time I was Trazodone but just dream all night...nice ones though! :) Mirtazapine gave me just the one nightmare when I was on that after upping to the full dose but out of every side effect you can get, it's always hightened anxiety I get most scared of.

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Naro, when I did my have dream that's exaclty how I was, I was laid wake (or so I thought) just calling help but my voice wouldn't work! Then I realised it was just a dream and as I say have never had another one since only nice ones. Hugs to you xxx