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25-06-06, 01:56
I've just started trying B complex 100, 2 x 50 prolonged released. I was using a normal one a day 100% RDA before, but reading more on the subject I realised that wasn't a high enough dose.

What dosages are you taking and is it a good idea to stay with 100 or should I cut down to 50 after a few weeks?

I read that at a high does you can have side effects, numb/tingly fingers anyone on a high dose had those symptoms?

Also how quickly do they start working, I assume fairly quickly but not sure.

Marc Keeley

25-06-06, 08:51
I take a 50mg complex once a day in the morning. I've not had any problems with this except bright yellow wee until lunch time!!
Love Helen

25-06-06, 14:18
You need to be taking a strong 50-100 mg Vitamin B complex supplement in the morning as it can lead to insomnia as it releases energy.

Don't be alarmed but it may turn your urine bright yellow.

If you are a smoker then you need to be taking Vitamin C at the same time.

Vitamin B Complex is commonly available at all chemist/health shops or a reputable online site is http://www.questvitamins.co.uk


25-06-06, 17:12
I assumed 50's or 100's meant exactly that and there wouldn't be any strong version.

The ones I bought, Health Aid Super Strong B50 Prolonged Release, are 50's and contain B1 3571 %RDA, B2 3125, B3 278, B6 2500, B12 100, Pantotholic Acid 833 plus a few other bits like Biotin, iron (just 5mg), Choline, Inositol and PABA.

Thanks for the comment regarding insomnia, I had planned to start taking one first thing, one last thing for an even split, but I'll scap that idea now!

Marc Keeley

27-06-06, 14:44
I cant tell you the exact figures but I take a multi vitamin (doesnt seem to do much)

and then I take a Berrocca performace (vit B suplement in morning) and it really helps.

So basically I take double the dose.

I think its a combo of eveything and then getting out and about and forcing yourself like I did today.


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