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25-06-06, 10:23
Has anyone read this book, and has anyone tried his suggestions for anxiety remedies?

My friend is studying nutrition and has lent this to me. Unfortunately she is not yet in a position to advise me on anything! I am really interested in trying some of the amino acids/herbal supplements he recommends, but I'm not sure whether I should be seeking professional advice or whether I am ok to self prescribe.

Would GPs have any knowledge on these kind of supplements, or should I be looking for a nutritional therapist (or herbalist???). How would I go about finding a decent practioner (who doesn't charge the earth!)? Is there a professional body?

In particular, the following sounds helpful to my problems:

GABA (calms down excess adrenalin, noradrenalin and dopamin, and effects serotonin). Suggests supplmenting 500 - 1000mg once or twice a day.

Kava Kava (excellent for reducing anxiety and dramatic improvements after just one week and continues long term. Relaxes emotions and muscles so good for physical symptoms too. Reduces excessive mental chatter and increases mental focus). Suggest supplementing 60-75mg 2-3 times daily.

He also recommends Taurine, Valerian, Hops and Passion Flower and Magnesium.

He says a combination of relaxing amino acids and herbs is most effective and you can take lower doses if combining.

If I am to self prescribe, I think I would try GABA, Kava Kava, Magnesium and a Vitamin B complex.

I have some questions, if any of you can help me:

What is the recommended dose of Vitamin B for anxiety?

I am taking St Johns Wort, which seemed to take good effect quite early on but hasn't improved things enough to my liking! Should I stop this if I am going to try different supplements? I know you have to be careful with St Johns Wort and medications, is it the same with other supplements.

5HTP - I have been considering this for a while, but I'm not convinced it is for me. My GP gave me an SSRI (sertraline) to try and I had a really bad effect from it after just 4 days of 1/2 doses (deep depression, much worse symptoms) - I am thinking that if SSRI didn't help, then it is unlikely that 5HTP will as it works in the same way. Anyone have any experience of this?

By the way, I have been reading other posts on 5HTP and I noticed a lot of people complain of sleepiness on it. In the "Optimum Nutrition ..." book I'm reading, he says if you get very sleepy on 5HTP then you probably don't need it.

Thanks for reading this, and hope someone can help with me questions!


25-06-06, 11:57
Hi caroline, thanks for the interesting post, i am currently taking a herbal supplement, rhodiola, magnolia, relora and l-theanine for anxiety. My GP knows nothing about herbal stuff and could not advise me whether it was Ok to take them with my prescription stuff or not. I think it is trial and error, our bodies are all different and what works for one doesn't always work fpr anoth, just like the meds we take. I would rather try the natural route as i hate chemicals. Good luck.

Take care

'This too will pass'

25-06-06, 14:17

Try this page on the website to see if it answers any of your questions...

Natural Remedies (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/NMPcms.php?nmppage=remedies)


25-06-06, 16:28
Thanks for the info so far.

The only one I couldn't find info on is Kava Kava - which I now find out has been banned here since 2002. Patrick Holford's book was first published in 2003, and is UK, and he is the one recommended it, so don't quite know what that's all about. He also recommends it on his website and I have found a few online companies that sell it. Maybe the ban has been lifted and I am getting old info? Confused!

25-06-06, 16:33
Anyway, did mean to say on my last post that I found a website that recommends Relora as the next best alternative to Kava Kava and no side effects. Anyone tried this? It's magnolia and phellodendron extracts.

It also has the added bonus of reducing cortisol levels which helps with weight loss! (Having read Dr Marilyn Glenvilles "Fat around the middle" book I have found out my fat tummy is due to high cortisol levels).

If anyone knows anything about this, I'd be really interested.


25-06-06, 21:25
Hi caroline, I think I mentioned in my post that I take relora. The supplement I take is called Calm & Calmer and its by Lifetime Vitamins. I have been on it just for two week now, the first week I felt really good my anxiety was under control and started to feel like me again. this week not so good, but i think that was because i came off diazepam too quickly, i got all the withdrawal symptoms, shakey, depression and sleeplessness, I stopped it completely and probably should have reduced dosage first!! I have had no side effects from this. i would think that as with anyting herbal it will take time to build up in the system!

Take care

'This too will pass'

emma chant
26-06-06, 18:04
HI caroline,
For my anxiety i take rescue remedy which i put 5 drops on my
tongue or, you can put it in water.
It helps me .Have you tried that ??xxxxxxx

e chant

26-06-06, 19:57
Yes, I am a regular user of Rescue Remedy - it's great for short periods and works really well, but when I am particularly anxious it can go on for days/weeks and I want something else to lift my mood and stop me being so irritable, depressed, worried, etc.

I'm going to give the Relora a go, and probably the GABA, plus vitamin B complex, magnesium and a good pro biotic (for the IBS). I'll let you all know how I get on (I'll be rattling!).


27-06-06, 22:19
Hi Daisybun , you wrote < but i think that was because i came off diazepam too quickly, i got all the withdrawal symptoms, shakey, depression and sleeplessness, I stopped it completely and probably should have reduced dosage first!! I have had no side effects from this. i would think that as with anyting herbal it will take time to build up in the system! >

Had you been on Diazepam long and what dose were you on please ? I've been on Diazepam long term and each time I try to reduce I get terrrible withdrawal symptoms, so bad that my Dr. advised me to stay on them.

29-06-06, 15:56
FYI- Kava Kava was banned a couple of years ago in Canada. It can be dangerous and can cause death. That is why you might have problems finding it. I am all for natural remedies but be very carefull, they can interact with each other. Best of luck

Another good book is from Syd Baumel: Natural antidepressants


01-01-07, 22:49
Hi All

I have been taking Magnolia & Rhodiola Complex which has Relora, Rhodiola Rosae and L-Theanine for about the last 6 months and my PANIC ATTACKS are now 95% gone. I can go in supermarkets on the tube and in crowds. I say 95% as I still get infrequent scares now and then if a tube is stuck for too long.

The product is made by Lifetime vitamins and is ONLY available from Victoria Health food shops. I get mine from the Edgware road branch in London.

This is the best product ever. It was previously called 'Calm and Calmer', and you may have read reviews on that in other groups/sites.

The only supplier is Victoria health in the UK. I emailed Lifetime vitamins to see if there were any others cheaper, but there is not. Victoria Health seem to be the sole supplier in the UK.

I found a change within 2 weeks and take two tabs a day, one in the morning and one at night.

Try one bottle and I think you will be amazed.

I DO NOT work for Victoria Health or Lifetime Vitamins. I do however suffer from Panic Attacks (much less now though) and am writing this to help you others who do not know about it.

If you find it cheaper elsewhere then please let me know.