View Full Version : Update on Buspirone/Buspar

25-06-06, 20:36

Just thought I would give my update on Buspar, I was going through a really bad panic anxiety stage, I couldn't sleep, eat and just spent all day in panic/anxiety waiting for night time to take a sleeping tablet to get some rest, thenon wakening in the morning the whole cycle would start again, I even ended up with a trip to A & E as I convinced my family I ws dying.

I went to the docs and she prescriped Bupirone, which I have now been taking for 10 days, I must admit the first week I felt no better, not any worse (no side efffects) but no better, but yesterday and today I have felt, the best I have felt in months, I feel a reall sense of calmness even managed to go to the shops today without any major panics.

Now I am not sure if it is the meds or just that I am feeling better anyway but I must admit they certainly have no major side effects like some of the SSRI's, so I am going to stick with them meantime.

My Doc also said that you get less withdrawals from Buspar than other meds.

Shirley M