View Full Version : ECG Then ECHO please help?!

12-03-12, 19:00
Had the doctors on Friday for some chest and left arm pain I've been having. Doctor checked me over took blood pressure and checked heart and lungs and said everything seemed fine but he would and me for an ECG just incase. Went for ECG today expecting to be all ok but they have said they need to send me for an echo?! ECG says borderline ECG and normal sinus rhythm and possible right ventricular conduction delay! Why would they send me for an echo?? I am freaking out as there is a family history of long QT SYNDROME and angina stroke etc!! Please help? X

12-03-12, 19:02

They can tell so much more from an echo so they are doing it to be thorough

12-03-12, 21:31
If they suspected somethig serious would they hav done it there and then? X

12-03-12, 21:58
I can't answer that I am afraid as it would depend on the hospital etc but I am sure you will be fine.

28-03-12, 23:43
I wouldn't worry about it. Your doctor is probably just doing a thorough examination of your heart to rule out any other serious illnesses. I am in the EXACT same position as you.

My doctor said that my chest pains are most likely caused by my anxiety, but is going to book me in for an ECG and echocardiogram anyway just to rule out anything else. I had both of them done this morning.

Do not worry. Just try and relax. If there is something abnormal then your doctor would have told you :)