View Full Version : Rescue Remedy Products HALF PRICE for quick sale - EDIT - Now FREE

13-03-12, 20:37
I have the following Rescue Remedy products reduced for quick sale due to a short expiry date:

2 x 20ml Rescue Remedy Night Spray - expires end of May 2012 4 each (retails at approx 8)

NOW SOLD 2 x Rescue Remedy Original Pastilles - expires end of April 2012 2 each (retails at approx 4) NOW SOLD!

NOW SOLD 2 x Rescue Remedy Chewing Gum - expires end of June 2012 2 each (retails at approx 4) NOW SOLD !

There will be postage on top of this but I only charge the exact postage and nothing more.

There may be something else you would like in the Online Shop on NMP so I can send that at the same time.

If you would like any of these products please let me know and I will work out the postage for you.

I can accept Paypal/Credit Cards/Debit Cards or a cheque/postal order.

13-03-12, 23:23
Full details about these products can be found here:


17-03-12, 10:13
Can I have the 2 chewing gums, I can pay by paypal if you tell me how

hope you are ok

17-03-12, 23:53
Thanks Joy - I will PM you the details

29-04-12, 15:29
Bumping up again - anyone want the 2 x 20ml Rescue Remedy Night Spray ??

31-05-12, 19:59
Free to good homes ....

2 x 20ml Rescue Remedy Night Spray - expires end of May 2012 (retails at approx 8)

Although these expire today I have done some research and on the Bach site it says they will still be perfectly fine to use but they have to have a "use by date" on by law.

So if anyone wants them the postage is 2.20 UK. Outside of the UK please get in touch and I will get you a postal price.

First 2 people to contact me or post here can have them.

01-06-12, 01:59
Blimey I can't even give things away now :roflmao:

01-06-12, 21:12
Oh did I hear the word FREE? Why grazie mille Nicola :D

01-06-12, 21:31
Do you want one MM?

03-06-12, 22:07
No good for me but I'm sure someone will be interested... Exp dates mean nothing.

04-06-12, 16:56
any lefted?

04-06-12, 17:50
Yes Josh - do you want me to let you know the postage to Australia?

05-06-12, 00:42
yes plz

05-06-12, 15:32
Are there any more going?

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Ah sorry, I realise they're all sold up now! (shoulda read the 1st page of the thread! haha)

05-06-12, 15:51
Violet - I still have one Rescue Remedy night if you want it?

06-06-12, 11:23
Hi, yes that'd be grand! How should I pay?

13-06-12, 12:27
I still have just ONE more of these to give away so let me know if you would like it

28-06-12, 00:46
Still going for FREE - last chance then I will sell it for free on ebay - grab a bargain now!

28-06-12, 00:49
I'll take it if it's still available Nic, let me know what to do.

Thanks, Kitti x

28-06-12, 00:55
I will PM you Kitti and thanks - I hate wasting things lol

05-07-12, 11:22
In interested if there's any left.xx

05-07-12, 11:27
Sorry it went last week now