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14-03-12, 19:35
We folks I've been on 10mg Seroxat for two days now and the only thing I've had is the same as when I was on 20mg....diahorrea! My Doc said to drop the dose and then gradually up it again to see how I got on.
When I started 20mg although had the same side effect even after 3 days my mood did lift whereas on the 10mg I feel no effect whatsoever apart from having to run to loo all the time.
I know it's very early days but the anxiety and depression feels even worse today than ever.
I'm beginning to wonder is it worth taking anything at all as everything I've taken in the past has given me awful side effects which I couldn't cope with.

I would really welcome some support...can't cope at the moment


14-03-12, 22:25
If you are experiencing the same side effects from 10mg that you have previously with 20mg, it may be worth just going straight for the 20mg (if that's what you're aiming for). If the side effects get too bad, you can always go back down again.

I know it's a tough call, and I really couldn't handle the SE's of going back on the paroxetine this time.

15-03-12, 00:08
Hi Lauz Lea,

Thanks for reply. I think you're right and was thinking along those lines earlier myself so may up to 20mg tomorrow and see how it goes.

Thanks again,

15-03-12, 17:02
paxilprogress.org is a good place for advice for people taking seroxat.

15-03-12, 22:59
paxilprogress is a great website, but better support for those trying to get off meds than starting them. The people there are very supportive and informative with withdrawal issues should you need to explore that.