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17-03-12, 15:34
i am taking this as part of my bp and palps treatment and have noticed my resting heart rate is only 54. is this ok and how does this type of medication react on you?

17-03-12, 17:19
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17-03-12, 17:51
yes I take also , BP when released from hospital was 170 / 110 and heart rate in excess of 100 at rest due to anxiety , GP put me on them and now at rest about 130/80 and 70 bpm. It stopped the palpitations in their tracks if only it worked on the mental side of anxiety too

blue moon
18-03-12, 21:36
Hi I take these for B/P it has lowered it,but still not stop palps,my resting heart rate is around 50's,that is good,my B/P is on low side I like that.
Petra x:)