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11-05-04, 19:32
[:0]well guys as you are probably aware i have kept my panic and anxiety to myself and not told anyone and didnt want to throu lots of fears,,but now went to visit my mum tonite and while i was there bupa the hospital called ,we were expecting her to go in late june so i thought that would give me some time to find the courage to tell her my problem???anyway bupa called while i was there and told her she would be going into hospital on the 24 may and would be in there a week,,so i felt the time was right to tell her i was very very anxiuos and it took all my energy to tell her,,she listened and seemed to take it in but i really dont think she understands the seriuosness of my condition,, she used to say to me why dont you go anywhere now or why dont you come with us shopping anymore??or go in the car ,,or,,or,,or,,or,,???/and i told her tonite i think she always thought she had done something wrong and thats why i wouldnt go anywhere with them and of course i felt awful all the time haveing to make excuses ,well now i guess thats one thing i wont have to do,,when i first told her that i may nit be able to make it because of the panic she said i will get your brother to pick you up and take you,,i said no mum dont you understand i CANT GO because of the panic she said well dont worry just send me some grapes!i couldnt do that ,,so now after all this time worrying about telling her a situation arose out of the blue and i felt the time was right ,so here i am now very worried about what she may be thinking of me ,,i feel some satisfaction or relief telling her but i also feel very depressed,,not sure why all different emotions at the minute going throu my head,,anyway guys i said i woulkd let you all know ok so there it is,,,,,,,i said to myself i wasnt going to have a glass of wine tonite lol,,well damn it i am gonna have two,,thank you all for your support guys,,xxxxdarrenxxx[:0][:0][:0][:0][:0][:0]

11-05-04, 20:14

Well done for taking the opportunity and one good thing has come out of it so far ..That she now knows why you wouldn't go anywhere with her and you could explain that she had not done anything wrong at all and this was the cause.

She has had a lot to take in tonight what with her new operation date and your news that she probably needs sometime to mull it all over and then you might want to pop back or phone when she's less busy and tell her more about it and see her reaction and whether she has any questions.
If she doesn't know anything about the condition it's really hard to understand all about it in one sitting . You could print her off a few fact sheets about it so she can read up on it in her own time.

Is she likely to tell your brother or keep it to herself ?

I can understand all your emotions whizzing about ...


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

11-05-04, 20:21
hi thanks meg,,i have told her to keep it to herself it was hard enough telling her i wouldnt like anyone else to know just yet,,this has been such a tough nite ,,after keeping this to myself for such a long time,,it is truly a relief but at the same time i feel really down and not sure why???thanks megxxxxxxxx

april tones
11-05-04, 20:29
well done! you have done real well, you should be proud


11-05-04, 20:39

It might be because you feel vunerable now, having protected yourself for so long ?


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

11-05-04, 23:14
well done matey,that took guts....thats a weight lifted off your shoulders,from now on you will feel a little better,just give it time!

best wishes....bryan.

11-05-04, 23:18
Well done Darren. My son has panic attacks, and I try to understand his problem and spend a lot of time persuading him to get help.

All the best

12-05-04, 03:25


WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very proud of you right now. :)

One less worry on your plate matey.

It will take time to sink in, but you will be just fine.

Not to worry about what your mum is thinking of you. I`m sure once everything settles and the air clears. She will be quite relieved to know that she has`nt done anything wrong that kept you away, and then she will probably want to find out everything she can about this disorder so she can help out if she can.

I think things will get a bit easier for you from now on Darren.

Like Meg says I think you are having these mixed feelings because you are feeling vulnerable right now.

Keep ya chin up mate. The hard part is over now. :-D

Keep us posted on your progress.

Take care and best wishes Darren,

Diana xxxxx

12-05-04, 19:36
thanks guys,,somehow it does feel like a weight off my shouders but now of course i now dont have to make excuses feels ok i guess ,,but cant help feeling i have let my mum down????i know i shouldnt feel like this at 33 but??? anyhow guys i will keep you posted thanks,,,special thanks to dianax,,i also recieved throu the post this morning my information on the no panic telephone recovery group which i am doing from the 1 june so its all go for me at the minute but wouldnt have got this far without all you guys here to support mexxxxxxx

12-05-04, 19:47
well done darren

At least ur mum listened, mine nags.

Scooter Girl

12-05-04, 21:48
That was really well done! One of the worst side-effects of panicking is the continous feelings of guilt it can generate. I don't know how many times I've cried because I had refused a kind invitation by a family member or a friend - I'm guess everybody here knows such scenarios. It's very tough to actually tell people what's going on but in the long run hiding is tougher and inflicts much more damage. I'm sure she's relieved that you finally confided in her (mums usually know when something's wrong - even when you're 33). Try to see this as a chance to open new doors and think of ways you can help and support your mum now that she's going through hard times. Reaching out to others can have very beneficial effects for both sides.

12-05-04, 23:45
Darren well done, telling your Mum, you did the right thing, not matter what ones sons do, mothers always understand, and she will not think any less of you, you did the right thing, at least she knows you love her enough to confide in her, if you had not told her, and not gone to visit her, she would have been hurt. I wish her all the luck at the hospital, and as you say a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, Same sort of things have happened to me like that. Bless you from Blossom

13-05-04, 19:42
thank you bloss for your very,,it was really difficult telling her because i knew she woldnt understand but in a strange way i think she took it in we have never been a very close family and we have always had to deal with our problems ourselves with no support from mum,,,if you would care to read my daily report bloss you will see how i am getting on, getting to the hospital to see mum ok ,,thanks blossxxxx darren

13-05-04, 22:05

Not to worry matey. You have`nt let your mum down on the contrary it could be that you have made it possible for you and she to be much more closer than before.

Just give it time.

Atleast like you say you no longer have to make excuses or feel guilty.

It does`nt matter our age does it? We always want to feel we are accepted and loved by our parents.

Good on you for finding and participating in things that are going to help you recover from this disorder.

I am very pleased to hear that this site and the folks here have made quite a difference in your life on the positive side.

I feel the same, this site and all of you here have been a life saver on so many levels for me.

I am glad that you are receiving the benefits as well.

Well done Darren, keep up the great work.

Remember we are always here for you. You are doing grand.

Take care,

Diana xxx

13-05-04, 23:56
thank you diana i will keep going and it is this site and yoy fine people that has given me the strenght to fight this thing cheers diana xxxxx darrenxx

14-05-04, 16:13
Hi Darren,

Have you spoken to your Mum again since ?

You would have let your Mum down if you had left her thinking that she had done something wrong ...

So glad to see you're doing so well.


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

14-05-04, 18:11

Good on you for not giving up.

Keep at it, it will get easier. In no time at all you will be ready for that trip to the hospital.

I hope your mum is doing as well as you are. :)

I am pleased that you feel that the site and fine folks here are helping you a bit.

That`s all we want to do is help one another. :-D

Cheers Matey,

Diana xxxx

16-05-04, 10:25
thanks diana,,im not really sure she understands my problem because only this morning she said to me would i like to go to bridlington for the day which is about 30-35 miles away ,,now i dont know if she was teasing me or she just plain forgot??but you couldnt forget something like this could you,,but i think i will talk to her again,,thank you diana xx darrenxxx


16-05-04, 10:50
Hiya Darren

I always hate having to make excuses as to why I dont want to go somewhere and I swear my mates privately think im nuts but they still keep asking me to go places in the hope that one day i will surprise them and say yes... I will start to worry when they dont ask me anymore because to me that will signal that they dont care enough to try.

love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

16-05-04, 19:41
yeah hi sarah thanks,,i have lost all my friends because i had to keep making excuses and eventually they abviously got fed up with it,,i guess i cant blame them but i have done a lot of thinking since then and really if they were true friends then they wouldnt have given up on me ???i know that if i would have a mate like that i would want to know what was wrong and there is no way i would have given up on them,,,also today such a lovely sunny day i was asked if i would like to go to the seaside with some of my niehbours and of course i couldnt,,it really does get me down when eveyone is going to the beach or going out for the day and they dont give it a second thought and look at us???so i stayed aT home allday and sunbathed in the garden,,we will get there sarah thanks xxxdarrenxxx


17-05-04, 11:00

You will soon be going to the seaside before you know it. I'm only just starting to see my friends again and still find it really hard. For the first hour in the pub on friday night I just sat in a hot sweat feeling dizzy but it then eased a little. The more you do the better things get.

Your mum may take some time to understand what you are going through. I know mine did and she used to have panic attacks. Sometimes I think they sort of ignore the way you are because they find it difficult to deal with. She will come round with time though
Hope your tan is coming on well!!!

Jules x

17-05-04, 18:20
hey thanks jules,,althou i think my mum will never truly understand because she was never really a loving or careing parent really so mmm, anyways she knows now ,,,and regards my tan ha ha ha all i do mate is seem to go red and then white again ,,i bought some really expensive tanning stuff form the chemists ,,i think its working cause i am getting mistaken for an asylum seeker lol thanks mate darren ,,,


18-05-04, 05:24
Hi All,

I know how you all feel.

My husbands family gets together like every weekend.

He has a large family which I don`t have. So it is to me alot of people to deal with.

I know they all probably sit around and talk about me or take it personal as to why I never show, not even on the holidays.

I consistently make excuses as to why I don`t/should`nt/could`nt/want to go.

I feel bad because, my husband is always the one there that does`nt have his wife and I know it is`nt fair to him but what are we to do?

I also have a complex because I am "HEAVY" and most all of them are average sized.

I mean it`s nothing for me to go months without leaving my home at all, and just when I feel like I could get out and do something it is always something going on at his familys house.

We are also from different countries. Me being from the US and he being from El Salvador and speaking a different language.

I kind of feel like the foreigner with them. They all speak Spanish primarily and I don`t speak any so that is an issue in itself.

I have no friends really accept for you all. I mean I talk briefly with my female neighbors whilst out in the yard gardening or passing between errands, but other than that no "FRIEND" contact at all.

What a terrible feeling ey?


I kind of got off topic did`nt I? :)

Your mum may have been just trying to be subtle in asking you to go out with her.

It may be that she may never grasp the impact this has on you, but atleast she cares enough to try to do something ey?

Just give mum some time, and try to help her be educated on this disorder as best you can.

You can print info. off of here to educate her or let her get on here and read some of the posts and literature.

Ignorance about things scares people.

Keep up the great work Darren.

Keep us posted on how things are going for you.

Take care mates,

Diana xxxx

18-05-04, 19:42
hi diana ,,where are you exactly from??and how long have you suffered ,,how far can you get from your house??hey diana i lost all my friends when i was too ashamed to tell them how i was feeling and i only talk to neighbours and people in passing also,,i will certainatly try to educate her on the problems but she is not the best of listeners,,although i am always there for her,,hey thank you diana for your kind words again always so much apprieciated xxx darrenxx


18-05-04, 22:30

I thought the not going out thing was a choice thing with you and not due to agoraphobia.

Friends - some folk need to feel they have friends more than other folk. Some people are very self sufficient.
My sister never shares anything with anyone apart form Mum and her inner sanctum and is ferociously private, I'll share anything with anyone . Hard to believe we're related.

Is the heavy issue an excuse or a cause for you ?


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

lilac kitten
19-05-04, 14:08

Good for you for telling your mum. And don't worry I keep needing to remind people. Yeah my friends dwindled and things have been hard at times, but there are good times too.

I hope you're feeling OK today and that next week goes OK for you and your mum.

Good luck

19-05-04, 18:06
Hiya Darren and Meg,

Darren I am from the USA, but like I mentioned my husband is from CA, San Salvador El Salvador.

We`ve been married for going on 15 years come this July so it really should`nt be an issue but it still is?????

I have suffered off and on for going on 23 years. With months and even years between attacks.

Darren when I go out I can pretty much go anywhere, but initially with loads of anxiety and pre-panic jitters, but I will continue on my journey till the feelings subside.

However I am supposed to be traveling to CA with my husband and children this July and have been terrified that I am not going to be able to make it there. Well with the flying and being in a foreign country away from a close medical facility just in case. LOL..... :-D

Just sitting here writing about it, I am having a hard time breathing. :(

Typical me though.

Good that you are always there for mum.

Just try to do your part to educate her on this disorder and hopefully she will get bits and pieces or atleast enough to understand the impact this has on you.

I have a mum much like you describe yours, so I know how you feel mate. Which is why I am soooo glad that I have you great folks here. :)

You take care of yourself and I hope your mum starts to grasp the affect this disorder has on you and how much you have accomplished in trying to not disappoint her.

Well done you!!!!!!! :)


I am not really sure it is agoraphobia. I just know I do tend to avoid alot of outdoor activities and things that involve being around "ALOT" of people.

I consistently make excuses as to why I "can`t" do this or that, and when I do make up my mind to put all of this anxiety and panic aside no matter what the outcome and go on and do whatever it is I have been invited to do. Nine times out of ten I partially prepare and then decide I can not do it.

So what is that???????

Honestly I used to have plenty of friends when I was younger, however even then I used to get bits and pieces of gossip about how "WIERD" I was so maybe not true friends, but folks I associated myself with.

However for the past 18-20 years I have realized that I don`t have any.

Not that it is a neccessity for me, but I see other females "from my living room window" in my community getting together for picnics and going out shopping together etc. and I feel there may be something I am missing out on.

Or maybe it is that I`ve reached an age where I am wondering who I am and what my purpose is or whatever. LOL........ :-D

I`m like you though Meg if you give me an open floor I`ll bleed all over you. I share everything and anything with anybody. I don`t understand the secretiveness in some people. Like my oldest daughter it is almost as if she has a secret life, because she is soooo private.

Meg, I`m not even sure if my lack of outdoor activity is just an excuse or cause as I feel that I make the excuses to avoid the anxiety and the head chatter about the "What ifs, and the I can`ts", but then again I feel that the head chatter exists because I am so self conscious of my body image to others. Does that make any sense at all?

I hope I have`nt bored you both too much, but that is where I am at right now. :)

Take care you two, and be kind to yourselves.

Love Diana xxxxx

19-05-04, 19:50
hi ruth ,,thank you for your comments,,you are right its strange you do seem to have to remind people,,something so serious to us and yet so trivial to others ,,ok today ruth pretty good day hope yours was the same ,xxxdarrenxx


19-05-04, 20:01
Diana ,

Sounds like half hearted avoidances.

You can do things but choose not to put yourself through them for a comfier life - perhaps because you don't get anything out of it , because you're really happiest with your own company, because you put your body image first , because of remembering the 'wierd' talk , because of ...because of....

only you know the real causes and whether you want to do anything about it or not.

We're not bored at all. Its interesting to find out more about peoples foibles..


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

19-05-04, 20:05
thank you for the info diana,,hey i am sure you will make it in july that is one of my dreams to go abroad ,,IBIZA WOW!!!hey and who knows i maybe there someday thinking to myself what was that all about???i am trying to educate her alittle each day there is so much to take in for her ,,i am doing it very small stages for her,,and as for making excuse diana i am the best lol,,not like when i was at school with the one that went MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK MISS LOL wow these are much bigger and so much better wish i could have done these when i was at school would have gotten away with so much ,,but yeah i do know what you mean and sometimes it does get me a little upset sometimes but hey we have enough on our plates without getting upset about protecting ourselves with a few excuses so lets not dwell on that one,,,,and you would certainatly never bore me diana ok,,i am here for you as you have been for me thank you ,,love darrenxxxxx


19-05-04, 20:14
Hi Darren

I made it to Ibiza last October for a 4 night break during my high state of agoraphobia. I was terrified bit I made it, had a good time and no panic attacks. yeah ok so I was on a high state of alert all the time and quite anxious a lot of the time but the only thing that spoiled the holiday was that it rained everyday...lol.
take it from one who knows exactly how you feel...you WILL make it there!!!!!!
Because I did so well my hubby is now talking about going to Egypt later this year..now that terrifies me...lol the flight is a darn site longer than to Ibiza :(
love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

19-05-04, 21:25
aw hey that must have been great sarah IBIZA WOW,, how did you manage it with the agraphobia and everything,,so sorry it rained which month did you go,,really truly is my dream ,,sit and watch the sun go down ,,well it sounds like you have a great hubby there and lots of support i am sure you will make it,,thanks sarahxxxx darrenxxx


19-05-04, 23:08
Hiya Darren

You want to know truthfully how I made it?
Well my 'great hubby' as you put it seems to think that the hard approach is the answer. He basically told me that if I didnt make the effort that we didnt stand a chance together anymore. So I went to my doctors and got some diazepam, took 6mg on the day of the flight, listened non stop on the flight to a relaxation CD that my CBT woman made for our group and did a puzzle book and held on furiously to my trusty bottle of water that I took with me...oh and rescue remedy.
All that combined and a good stern talking to myself as we boarded the plane seemed to do the trick..not a panic in site...just swaying between mild to high anxiety.Oh and the fact that it was such a short flight..once the meal was served I ate that slowly and it was nearly time to land...lol. And I think my hubby had bruises on his hands and knee where I was squeezing so tight :)
There you go mate...my flying coping method in a nutshell...lol

love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

20-05-04, 15:25
Hiya Darren,

Aww thanx for your kind words. :)

We will all get to where we need to be Darren, I just know we will in time.

Like you said we will all be looking back on this time in our lives asking ourselves "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT" ??????? LOL..... :-D

Good that you are educating mum in small amounts, because it is quite a bit for one to take in all at one time.

Atleast she has realized all of the efforts you have put forth in trying not to disappoint her on her hospital stay.

That is a big accomplishment on her part.

I know things will continue to move in the right direction for you now.

Take care mate and keep up the great work. :)


You are probably right.

There are so many reasons why I probably don`t do certain things or avoid certain situations. Most you mentioned in your post. Funny because everything you listed sounds just like me. :)


Funny how just posting here can help us see through each other and understand what the real issues or problems are, even if we can not see them clearly ourselves.

Now having said that what would be your advice or suggestions on how to break this cycle of mine?

You always have such great advice and suggestions and usually always are quite to the point on issues. so I really respect your honesty and outlook on things. :)

Especially since you have found recovery for yourself on your own. :)

I really do want to participate in regular activities, but most times can not get my self together to follow through.

I don`t know what to do about this, and I don`t know how to have a more positive outlook on things for myself.

Take care,

Love Diana xoxoxo

P.S. Where or What is IBIZA??????? LOL..... [:I]

20-05-04, 15:40

Ibiza - Spanish island . Best known for being the party holiday island !!


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

20-05-04, 19:31
yeah hi guys ,,mmmmm IBIZA,,my dream im sure i will get there one day ,,firstly i would have to try and make it to the travel agents to buy the tickets cant get there at the minute lol,,take real good care guys xxxdarrenxxx


20-05-04, 19:37
hi sarah ,,still you made it i cant beleive you did with our condition wow ,,wish i had a partner like yours i think i could do with a kick up the butt lol,,which rescue rem do you use sarah and does it work for you?? cause i bought some and like everthing else am a little anxious about using it,,this is mine jan de vries,,emergency essence,,good on ya for the holiday and have you booked for egypt yet ???you lucky thing,,thanks sarah xxxdarrenxxx


20-05-04, 19:40
tank you meg ,,lots and lots ,,truly value your support,,withit being so close now to the hospital date only 4 days i seem to be more anxious about letting all you guys down than myself??nevermind monday will soon be here,,,thank you again megxxx darrenxxx


20-05-04, 20:13
hiya darren

No I havent booked for egypt yet..im still debating on whether to pursuade him that Ibiza is nice so why dont we go there again...lol

The rescue remedy I use is Bach rescue remedy. It works for me..practically instantly (tho I dont know if that just because I know ive taken something that will calm me or if it really works..lol).

Take care buddy, you are doing well

love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

20-05-04, 22:21
Your rescue remedy has a wider variety of essences in than the Bach one Darren, but is much the same - so go for it.

Sarah - A good compromise for air travel time is Tunisia.
Egypt is lovely both the Sharm coast (lots of scuba diving) and the cultural trip bit.


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

20-05-04, 22:35

What a lovely way of saying I'm very blunt! Ta. Too blunt ??

Think about what you want to change in your life and most importantly why, then let me know and we'll go from there.


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

21-05-04, 18:01
hi sarah .,,hey you lucky thing i wish i could make it to my town for a nite out never mind ibiza,,dont fancy all them pyramids then lol me neither FAR TOO FAR,,hey sarah do you feel as if you ave had a drink with that rescue remidy cause it has alcohol in it dosent it???thanks sarahxxxdarrenxx


21-05-04, 18:05
hey thank you meg i did buy some but havent had the courage to use it yet crazy or what,,,hey i could start my own health food store i have bought that many things and not taken them ,lol they are all still in my cupard most of them unopened but some i have cause i wanted to smell them and check them out lol,,paranoid or what,,thaks again megxxxdarrenxxxx


22-05-04, 08:44
Hiya Daren

It doesnt feel like ive had a drink although it tastes a bit like brandy or whiskey (not sure tho as im more of a baileys girl..lol)

If you havent tried it yet, i would suggest giving it a go when theres no chance you have to go out anywhere. That way, as you feel nervous about taking it you will be home where you feel safe and can dstract yourself with familiar things. Not that im saying its going to make you panic but im similar with things like that...taking something new makes me slightly nervous but thats my body and mind doing that not the rescue remedy...lol. Now im not in the slightest bit scared of taking it as I know it helps me.

Not too sure about tunisia either. I went a few years ago and got ambushed in the market by 3 blokes who wanted to buy me for a few camels. They whipped a belt round my arm and pulled me towards them and hubby didnt even notice till I yelled at him for some asistance...lol
It was funnyish at the time but i think i would go into panic overdrive now...lol

love Sarah

we arent mad, just the next stage of evolution :)

23-05-04, 08:51
hi sarah,,,i think i am too anxious about the hospital trip at the moment to try taking that rescue remiedy,,silly isnt it ,,its supposed to be there to help you and yet afraid to take it???happy thou it helps you and after all this with the hospital and everything i will experiment ok,,i have bought that many lotions and potions from my local health food store and been to scared to take them i could start my own lol,,good on ya sarah,,,

thanks xxxdarrenxxx


24-05-04, 10:05
Well done for having the courage to talk to your mum about your problems.

One of the reasons for feeling down at the moment, could well be the fact that you have dropped your guard, stepped in to a wide open space and are now waiting to be shot at from all sides by people who want to ask 20 questions or have a go at you.

Some people do need reminding of your condition, for some reason they think of it as a headache and once you've had a good nights sleep, it will disappear and in the morning it will all be over, and you will be back to normal life.
They see you doing well and think you are back to normal, when that isn't true at all.

People often feel anxious trying out herbal remedy, I think it is because you are not sure of exactly what it is going to do, not to mention you are worried about your mum and going to and from the hosptial.

Take it easy and try not to worry to much.
Just imagine relaxing on the beach and remember one day you will make it to your holiday destination.

Send your mum our love, I wish her well for a speedy recovery.

Love, light and Best wishes
Liz xxx
With hard work and determination and all the things you know.
The world is there for you to take. There's nowhere you can't go.

[:p]Scatty Eccentric & 'Poet Laureate to panic and anxiety'

24-05-04, 21:16
aw hey thank you liz ,,i will tell her cheers,,you are so right there liz ,,cause when i told her i would do my upmost to get to see her in the hospital,,she said well why dont you get the bus or a taxi?????now there she dosent really understand because at the moment i am just getting used to going out again and i dont want any added anxiety,,so i feel quite happy about taking my mountain bike and riding there even if it is nearly 4 miles there and 4 back,,but hey look at it this way i am haveing a workout at the same time lol;;;
thank you liz


26-05-04, 00:21
Hi All,

Thanks for clearing "IBIZA" up for me Meg. LOL..... :)

I guess you now know I don`t travel much, as I have never heard of this island. :)

Sounds great though. Where is it located?????

On a different note Meg, I have so many things I would like to change in my life.

I think most of my anxiety comes from feeling overwhelmed about where to start.

I think the first thing I would really like to take control of is my eating habits, thus my weight issues.

I have battled my weight all my life, and can`t seem to find that place within myself to get at a "NORMAL" weight for me and maintain that.

The "REASON" I would like to change/take control of this is because I "BELIEVE" it is the most prominent thing that keeps me from participating in most outdoor activities.

Does that make any sense at all???????

I really, truely do admire your "BLUNTNESS" Meg. It is what we need on here sometimes.

When even our partners or family members can`t be forward about the real issues. I know you can and look forward to you setting us straight. LOL....... :-D


Glad to hear that you are doing so well.

You will get there mate, and just look at the physical benefits you are getting as well. :)


Well done you on the holiday. :)

Let us know where your new adventure lands you. Either in Tunisia, Egypt or back to IBIZA. :)

I wish you luck.

Take care all,

Love, Diana xoxoxo

26-05-04, 19:24
hi diana ,,thanks for the post,,hey ibiza is underneath spain,,beautiful place not just for the partys ,,it is a magical place,,,
hey diana you need any support or anything on your weight issues or anything you just post here ok mate xx


28-05-04, 18:29
Hiya Darren,

Awwww thanks mate. You made me smile :)

Thanks for the kind post.

I will certainly post here for support as you all give me so much. :)

So IBIZA is underneath Spain ey??? I`ll bet it is beautiful.

I`d love to go see it now, as you all have made it sound like paradise. :)

Hey!!!! Is it a place that ensures no anxiety/panic????? LOL........... :-D

Take care Darren.

I hope all is well for you.

Love Diana xxxx

28-05-04, 21:49
hey diana,,i like making people smile,,nice one diana,,

aww hey i wont go on about ibiza but WOW WOW WOW, lol,enough already,,

anytime diana OK !!!!!!!!

thanks ,



29-05-04, 00:17
Hiya Darren,

I just had a thought, how about we all meet there when we recover????

Sounds like a plan ey?????? LOL......... :-D

Take care mate. :)

Love Diana xxxx

30-05-04, 20:17
diana ,,i am so happy you said WHEN and not IF,,,
you never know i may be sending you a postcard soon lol lol ,,,
thanks dianax



03-06-04, 14:24
Hiya Darren,

I`ll hold you to that. I`ll be looking for it in the mail. LOL........... :-D

Take care mate.

I hope all is well with you.

Love Diana xxxx :)