View Full Version : Postal increase from 30th April - huge effect on NMP online shop

01-04-12, 23:29
Hi all

The postage prices are increasing to a stupid amount at the end of April :mad: and they have changed the pricing structure for parcels and this will have a big impact on some things I sell in the online shop.

Examples of this are products like the NMP teds, Rescue Remedy products and self-help books will cost 2.20 each to post :lac:

The cost of an NMP wristband will cost 69p as opposed to 58p.

I strongly advise members to order any products now from me before the increase as I do not know how long I will be able to continue selling products once the prices go up as people just won't be able to afford the extra cost of the postage.

Thanks all

02-04-12, 22:23

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29-04-12, 15:28
Last chance to get orders in before the price increase! Order today so I can post tomorrow at the old postal rates.

eight days a week
29-04-12, 15:59
Oh what a shame for places like NMP :lac:

I want one or two of Paula's soaps if there are any left, will try to check in and order after the football (if I can still stand up!!) :)

29-04-12, 17:40
There are some left Peter so let me know and I will sort them for you