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30-06-06, 14:01
I think that I've stumped my GP. She referred me to a neurologist. She said that it was just precautionary so that when I do see the ENT on July 24th, we'll have the most info to give him. I kinda made my bed with the GP. At first, she was telling me that it was nothing to worry about and I didn't want to hear it as I was convinced something was wrong. Now, I WANT her to reassure me and tell me not to worry but she's referring me for consultations and tests (I think she's trying to ease my hyperactive, hypochondriac mind but now it's starting to freak me out). At this point, I think I'll be okay if a doctor tells me not to worry because I've been living this way for 2 months now and haven't died yet;) . Hopefully, that's what the neuro will do. I'm just so worried that something is wrong with my brain. I'm a student.....it's my most important asset. I'm doing pretty good about not symptom surfing, but it's hard. Now I have another symptom...limping/funny gait. Add that to trembling fingers and such and you get at least MND, right?lol God I just want to feel normal and not crazy anymore. I'd appreciate your thoughts guys. I'm pretty freaked out. Take care everyone.


30-06-06, 15:15
hi april,you,ll be fine,the doctor is only referring you to put your mind at ease.i think it could be to do with your vertigo that you are walking with a limp.i read in your last post that you had an mri in may,if there was any probs the mri would have picked it up.take care and try not to worry(i know easier said than donelol)but this just makes your symptoms worse!!!!let us know how you get on rachelx x x x

30-06-06, 19:00
I went to see a neurologist as well many years ago.

I think it was more to reassure me than find anything wrong.

As you can guess they found nothing and told me it was just anxiety etc.

It reassured me anyway and I am sure will help you too.


01-07-06, 00:41
Thanks guys! Your support helps!


01-07-06, 09:06
Hi April, so sorry you are going through it at the moment. I agree with the others, it's just to reassure you.

Take care



polly daydream
01-07-06, 13:08
Hi April, i'm sure you will be fine, the doctor probably just wants to put your mind at rest, just anxiety no doubt.

Best wishes,


24-07-15, 10:33
I want to ask my GP for a referral to a neurologist but I think she will say no. I'm off balance and wobbly a lot and I really want a referral so I can get checked out and get reassurance if anything! Is it OK to ask for one?
I feel like I should have been referred before but I went down the ENT route instead.