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14-05-04, 22:27
Have you ever had major OCD obession/scare over death? Say for example the funeral home or the wake?
I've been on Paxil for over a month now and have found that this, one of my main phobias has finally calmed down. I've had this extreme phobia ALL of my life (since I can remember). I've lost 2 close friends in the past month =/ and I'm not thinking of death/the wake ect...like I was before (when I wasn't on meds). Makes me feel a lot better! Its not STUCK in my head like before. I can shake the thought without thinking about getting rid of it.

Anybody ever had any obsessions over a guy? I'm married and my obsessions (which are now over, thank God!) now that I look back (and during that time) didn't seem real. What I thought in my *head* was real but in reality it wasn't...yanno? Classic sign of OCD.

Another one of mine would be health problems (common). These go on when I suspect something, and most of the time its the worst case scenario.

Oh another one that has drastically impacted my life is the overwhelming need to *confess or tell* wow this has impacted my life since I was a child. Research now shows very close relation to ADHD and early childhood OCD (which I do believe I had). When I went to my doctor he had also diagnosed me with ADHD. I never realized I had it but now that I think back, looking at myself on home movies, it was evident.

But the confessions and need to tell are things that other people THINK or SAY but would never tell another person. I'm the type that cannot hold things in. I call myself WAY too honest! Now I see it as OCD LOL If I say something about a friend or think something negative about a friend I'd usually feel anxious, VERY anxious until I let this person know about the negative thing I said. If an obession is going on in my life I would usually tell my close friends who I talked to on a daily basis...and I would talk about this A LOT. I felt anxious if I didn't let them know what was going on. BAD FEELING. Everyone is NOT suposed to know what you THINK and what you SAY and DO.

Another question: I've been on Paxil like I said, over a month but sometimes I feel a bit anxious still. Yes, the OCD thoughts have calmed SO MUCH and the ADHD (which Paxil is also helpful for) has really gotten better but the anxiety still seems to be there a bit. Any suggestions?

Sorry so long I've just been posting awhile and had never discussed my actual obsessions =)

april tones
18-05-04, 14:43
i have health one, its going now though and getting better, i dont think its serious at every symptom, sometimes but not always