View Full Version : Do you take Zyprexa (olanzepene) for general anxiety disorder?

21-04-12, 00:00

I just wanted to know if anyone here has ever taken an antipsychotic medication like Zyprexa or Seroquel for general anxiety disorder? I ask because that is all that is available to me but I STILL haven't started taking the med yet. I notice on the information pamphlets it does say it can be used in small doses for GAD. Did it help you?

22-04-12, 10:55
Hi there, I only know about olanzepene because my brother takes it for schizophrenia. I wonder why this is the only medication available to you for GAD? I am no expert but I would have imagined there were other options for you to try first?

I hope someone with more experience can advise better.

24-06-13, 20:54

I was prescribed risperidone (risperdal) about three months ago almost as a last resort for my GAD.I find it knocks the anxiety right on the head but makes me feel doped up instead.I'm not sure which is worse,anxiety or zombie.