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22-04-12, 00:20
Anyone else had this and were you ok? I'm having one on my inner ear because of balance problems and worried as it says some people ( although rare) can have an allrgic reaction to it . Years ago I had to have my kidneys scanned were I had to swallow blue dye, is this the same sort of thing with the contrast? Thanks everyone xx

22-04-12, 11:11
Hi I had one last year and was worried sick about it mainly the injection as like you read about allergic reactions but as you said they are very rare.

Well they gave me the injection and nothing was fine no side effects of anykind the worst thing for me was the crappy music they played in the headphones Classic FM I think it was LOL.

You will be fine and thay are on hand to answer any questions you have.

22-04-12, 21:28
Thanks for your reply, feel a bit easier, cant wait i till its over with TBH. I wont beable to listen to the crappy music as I wear hearing aids and I'm deaf when I take them out so I suppose thats a good thing haha :D Are u allowed someone to go in with you , like my hubby? Would make me feel better if I could x

23-04-12, 16:41
Hi. I don't think you are allowed anyone in the room with you, but i will say i was expecting the mri to take ages but was suprised as it only took around 20 mins.

As you go in and lay down and go into the tunnel for about 5 mins and then you come out they inject the contrast and then you go in for about 15 mins if that and then home.

One thing to do i found helped was when you are going into the tunnel take a deep breath as it seems to carm you down.

One thing that upset me was i bought a pair of crappy sports trousers (i dislike wearing them outside the house) i wore them to the hospital and someone going in before me wore jeans. I was told not to wear jeans due to the metal in them and the bloke doing the scan told me that was a myth:mad:

You will be fine and it will be over before you know it. Home in time for the hubby to cook tea

30-04-12, 18:39
To be honest, you won't know is anyone is there with you anyway. They put the radio on for me, but the machine was so loud I could barely hear it! It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be (I'm pretty claustrophobic); the best bit was the mirror which they place in front of your eyes. It is angled in a certain way which allows you to see out of the end of the machine and into the room... it certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable being able to see the technicians and people moving around outside. My advice would be to just shut your eyes and think about lovely things...! It'll be over before you know it.

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P.S. re: clothes... I had to go in naked except for my knickers (I had a hospital gown on though!). When I was called in, I was taken to a changing room where I removed all my clothes and put the gown on, and was then taken to the MRI scanner. Don't be surprised if they have a similar system where you are going.

30-04-12, 18:40
You can take someone in with you. My partner came with me but I never went through with the scan in the end anyway

30-04-12, 22:22
Why did you not go through with the scan Nicola? I'm panicking myself over is because of the potential side effects. I think the contrast was to determine what was casung my pulsatile tinnitus but it disspeared 5 weeks ago !! xx

30-04-12, 23:23
Too claustrophobic lol. They tried twice to get me in and gave up cos I could not tolerate it at all.

I have had CT scans with contrast and never had a reaction or any side effects.

01-05-12, 09:40
I've had a CT scan with contrast years ago where I had to drink the dye. I'm going for the scan as I've been having balance problems. But I wear hearing aids too. They are doing the scan of my inner ear and they wanted to do the contrast because I was having Pulsatile Tinnitus which actually dissapeared 5 weeks ago ! And my balance problems are inproving too so was wondering if it was a waste of time going TBH xx

04-06-13, 12:06
I've had an MRI with contrast twice over the past 3 years and am fine. I was also hesitant about it.