View Full Version : any help much wanted :D

29-04-12, 19:09
Hey, started taking paroxetine (20mg) for first time today. I was alright... but this evening been feeling really anxious, like really bad!!! and then been sick.. keep running too loo. Is this normal? How long does it last for? Cuse I can't cope with this anixety it is horrible. I have read the tablet does help like really well, so wanna carry on taking them if it hlpe but this is just the first day so am really like err dunno what to do. Tried to do relaxation thing to tkae mind off which normally works but mind was all over place and then had to run to toilet midway to throw up :(

30-04-12, 12:53
are you doing cbt aswell?

seroxat just masks whatever issues you have it doesnt cure them.

hope that you feel better soon x