View Full Version : 24hr Blood Pressure test - HELP !!

02-05-12, 17:04
Am curently 7 hours into this blood pressure test and it's starting to stress me out .... have noticed the cuff is getting tighter each time this past 4 times and although I am trying to stay calm I know I'm stressing..... have been nervy all day about it and am worried my reading will be artificially high becauses of it. :weep:

Anyone else had this test and felt nervous and can advise me on how to be/stay calm ?? Thank you

02-05-12, 17:43
I deliberately made myself very busy when I had mine as I wanted to see if the blood pressure got worse the more I did so I was running round cleaning, doing the housework, ironing you name it lol

The readings were all fine with me so I wouldn't worry about it

The point is that you are supposed to live a normal life for 24 hours whilst you have it on so they can see what happens. There is no point having it and laying in bed the whole time if you see what I mean

I also took mine off inbetween the 30 minute readings as it was annoying me

02-05-12, 17:56
Thanks Nicola. The annoying thing is today has been a day where there has literally been nothing to do ! No shopping or anything, so my usual stresses/ things to do haven't been there . Don't think it has helped that my test reading they did before I left the hospital was 148/99 .... could have cried on the spot. Haven't really done anything this past 7 hours except go to the loo and eat my meals but I can't just go shopping for the sake of it ! Dunno what to do at the moment .....

I hate this anxiety, have never had high b/p readings in my life til this past month or two :(

02-05-12, 18:01
I was doing some spring cleaning at the time as I couldn't find much to do either and I had taken a day off work to do it as well.

Overnight it gets annoying and I think it does the readings every 2 hours but it is uncomfortable to wear whilst trying to sleep:lac:

At least they are doing the right thing testing you so they can see what the readings are like.

As long as you have done the usual things today and not deliberately sat down all day then I think you will be fine to say the readings are representative of a typical day.

02-05-12, 18:11
Thanks for your fast replies Nicola, I can't believe how stressy wearing this silly thing is ! I told myself when I woke to stay calm as it wasn't going to find anything wrong, but you know that little voice in the head when it gets going ..... ! I sit down most of the day anyway, so the test should be pretty indicative of normal .... fingers crossed :shrug:

02-05-12, 18:32
Good luck with it and let us know the results when you get them but as I said mine came back perfectly normal

02-05-12, 18:42
will deff do that, and thanks again for the repliess :hugs:

02-05-12, 19:09
You are welcome

02-05-12, 19:37
Btw, did your cuff start to hurt when it inflated after about 8 hours or so ? Mine is getting reallly sore when it inflates now :(

02-05-12, 19:53
Yes it does get sore after a while. I was in hospital once and they kept doing the blood pressure every 20 mins and after a while it was getting very sore as it gets quite tight. I ended up with red marks on my arm where it had been.

02-05-12, 19:58
That helps to know ... my mind is trying to tell me that it's because my pressure is really high ... this past inflation has had me in tears :(

02-06-12, 16:15
Just thought I would let everyone know .... Got my results back this week, they have come back " wonderfully normal " !!!! Just goes to show that even with my panicking about it, it can still be ok. Am sooooooooooooo relieved !!! :)