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03-05-12, 09:54
Hi my son is is getting married on saturday and Im beside my self with anxiety!Its a very formal catholic wedding and as im quite agrophobic I feel really trapped in the church and especially as i will be in the front and not hiding up the back as usual. I had a bad bout of depresion and anxiety last june and i dont feel I have really been as good as i could have been for me. Im really tearful and blubbing all the time and it doesnt help that my fantastic son was diagnosed with cancer last year- he has had 2 ops and treatment and may need more treatment and he is only 28! Anyway last year I was prescribed diazapam I have'nt taken them although I have taken odd ones in the past last time I took 1 in jan to help me get throuh a funeral.What i want to know is because im not sleeping either if i take 1 tonight to go to bed and then every 4 hrs as prescribed tomorrow and 1 or 2 on sat morning before wedding (wedding really early and we have to travel) they are 2mg each am i going to be a zombie, ill, a space cadet or addicted or all of above lol!!!!Right where do i go to sort out the weather on this site? any help appreciated.

03-05-12, 11:22
Hi panicynan,

My heart goes out to you on this important occasion your facing, I can relate so much with your concerns about having to sit at the front of the church, because you will always find me sitting near a door for a quick escape if need be.

As for the valium, (which I wish I had the courage to take), how did you feel when you took it for the funeral, did it calm you and get you through the day? Think back to that time and make your judgement about taking the valium for your son's wedding based on that. i.e. did the amount you took for the funeral space you out, or did it work enough to calm you down. I know 2 mg 3 times a day have been spoke about on here and people function perfectly well on that. Your obviously not sleeping because your anxious, so take one tonight and then see how you feel in the morning.

I had to laugh at your comment about looking here for the weather on Saturday, thats brilliant you still can have a sense of humour.

I sincerely wish you the best for now and the rest of the week, please let us know how you go please.

03-05-12, 14:14
Thanks for answering,can't really remember I think because it was a short service and i was sat at back and could escape it was enough to take edge off.Also it was a friends mother so i was very much in background which is where i like to be! Its very different when your son marries im being given snippets of information dont know what im doing and all along concocting weird and wonderful escape plans.I suppose my question was should i take them for a couple of days prior or just on morning .which would give me maximum effect? Yep weather here has been awful can't get turquoise wellies to match outfit, my younger daughter has said she'd elope because her words are i am now a fruit loop..........dont mind being a fruit loop as long as this fruit loop does'nt have a panic attack and the grooms mum is found hypherventilating under the front pew, my family would just pick me up on way out but i might freak some of the in-laws out1

03-05-12, 15:50
Hi there,
Try taking one the night before and then in the morning. 2mg is tiny and WONT knock you out, but it has a slight cumulative effect. That amount will take the edge off, nothing more! You won't get addicted either! Lol! Have a great day xx

03-05-12, 17:00
thankyou just going to look up the word cumlative!

03-05-12, 21:41
Basically means the dose adds up on top of the last one. Long half life etc.

I would take 2mg x 3 a day, a couple of days before the wedding and see how the anxiety is, and if you can function. If you can maybe increase the dose if necessary. Basically work it out before the wedding so you are not out of it on the day.


04-05-12, 05:01
hi panicyan,
I really feel for you, what a big thing to face knowing that you have absolutely no choice!
I can't offer advice about the meds but I can tell you what helps me in situations like this..
I know it will be hectic on the big day but just take yourself off to a quiet room for some 'time out'. Sit on a comfy chair and practice relaxation. Just relax your body and concentrate on taking deep breaths from your belly. When you do, you'll probably realise how much your heart is pounding and your thoughts racing (I do!).
Keep breathing slowly and deeply until your heart rate slows down and banish negative thoughts (if you can!). Don't stop until you've noticed a physical change then you won't be so highly charged when you go and meet your public!
It really does work so give it a try.
Good luck, I hope you all have a joyous day and I'll be thinking of you x

05-05-12, 04:26
:)Panicynan, I just wanted to say that I am so sending all my positive thoughts to you today for this very important occasion. Even though I dont know you, your post has touched me and I have thought of you and how your feeling every day since you posted here earlier this week.

I am sure all of us here are willing you on to have the most fantastic day.

Lots of love xxx