View Full Version : Feeling funny advice needed.

03-05-12, 13:35
Thought I'd start a new thread, desperate for advice please accept my appologies if I've gone over this on a previouse session.

As previously mentioned I have switched from Citilopram to Soroxat / Paroxetine 20 days in on 20mg. Problem being weird side effects or just me.

1. Brain fog ?.
2. Hazzy vision (not double).
3. Sinus flu like symptoms.
4. numb feelings and skin prickles ( no rash ).
5. Insomnia, seem to fight to get to sleep only to wake up 2 hours later sweating, cold, knotted stomach and tight throat, No more sleep, had this problem with prev meds.

Again sorry if I've repeated myself but would appreciate some sound advice, re-assurance, it just feels like its never going to improve.

Side note, was on Saroxat 15 years ago but can't seem to remember this level of discomfort, although it could be me.

03-05-12, 15:57
seroxat doesnt always work second time around.

it is not YOU - as i have said it is the switching of the drugs that have thrown you into chaos.

i hope that you feel better ASAP. x