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07-05-12, 23:31

I've been taking Clomipramine (25mg) for 5 days and have had terrible side effects so far. These include feeling trembly, having strange issues with my vision (kind of blurriness/dizziness), cannot sit still, disturbed sleep, and gut issues (gas, diarrhoea, constipation). Was just wondering whether these side effects will go over time or whether any will remain? I was told to start taking 50mg after a week but I dunno if I should given that none of the initial side effects seem to be waning :(

Anyone with experience of this drug? I want to keep with it as its meant to be really good for OCD but if any of these side effects remain I may try giving an SSRI another go...


07-05-12, 23:56
All the tricyclics are hefty meds. I've been on amitriptyline and imipramine in the past and know. However, they are also said to be very effective so give it a chance if you can tolerate the side effects. They will diminish over time.

I'm not sure how long side effects will last or which ones will remain as we all react differently but wish you luck Pete.

08-05-12, 00:05
Thanks Melancholia :)

08-05-12, 00:26
I was on this some decades ago. The side effects were terrible. For me it was dry mouth, constipation and inability to orgasm. I also felt odd when I yawned. The side effects did diminish over time though.

14-05-12, 22:23
So I've been on Clomipramine for around 11 days - the dizziness/nausea has largely gone thankfully yet I have other side effects which have remained, including funny bowel movements and an increase in IBS symptoms, lack of appetite, loss of libido and a general feeling of being tense, on edge, and unable to relax. I was told by the GP to take 50mg after 1 week but I've remained on 25mg as I'm still not happy with the way my body's adjusted to it.

I'm unsure what to do - part of me is tempted to come off it and ask the doc for a less stimulating SSRI (I had negligable side effects on fluox and cit but they both made me hyper), part of me wants to keep on it as its meant to be good for obsessive thoughts, and part of me wants to try coming off the meds again and trying to deal with my violent intrusive thoughts in other ways (e.g. relaxation - the thoughts seem to come on when I'm tense and stressed).

Any ideas?

Many thanks for listening :)

14-05-12, 22:35
I have been taking Amitriptyline(7 days) which is also a Tricyclic like Clomipramine.
Having the same side effects, but going to stick it out as they are not as bad as the side effects that I have had from other classes of Antidepressants.
Try Fibogel for the constipation, it gets you moving.
It is helping me with my obsessive thoughts and my anxiety in general.

15-05-12, 23:57
I don,t know if this will help , but from what i,ve read on meds (and i did alot of research ) perhaps you should give them more time ?
I read that changeing over to other meds to soon meant you may not have given the meds time to work fully and the side effects time to subside ?

All the side effects i had on citralapram have gone apart from the "male issue" but this is only now and again so if it won,t fire i just give up .

Sorry i can,t be of more help , i hope you feel better soon :)

16-05-12, 00:09
Perhaps give it a few more days and make an appointment with your GP in the meantime. Difficult for us to tell you what to do but you really sound like you're struggling and violent thoughts are definitely not a good sign. These meds don't suit everyone Pete.

I'm on sertraline after a long medi-go-round of chopping and changing to find the right med. Have you tried sertaline?