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freezer ice
07-07-06, 15:47
hi there folks,

Im new to this forum and Im glad i came across it. I dont feel so alone with my condition.
Ive been living with social anxiety for 10 years and im sick of it. I want to recover. So i have decided to form a group strictly for people with social anxiety. The group is for people living in the Angus, Tayside and Aberdeen area Scotland.
The short term plan is to share ideas/ tips on coping with anxiety.
The long term plan is to try and get the group together for events meetings etc, but there is no hurry for this and no pressure on any one to come along... There may be a plan for a newsletter...
Who knows where it could lead it may even open up jobs, opportunities and friends for people who live with social anxiety in Angus.
To start with the group will not meet face to face as this is going to be very difficult... well for me anyway!
If you are interested in joining the group and discovering lots of people locally with social anxiety then email me.


07-07-06, 15:56
Hi and welcome to NMP. You will get lots of support here.

Take care



07-07-06, 17:45
Welcome to the forum
Love Helen

07-07-06, 18:09
Welcome, and best of luck with your plans.

Have you browsed Social Anxiety UK's site?

If not, I'd suggest you do so in order to help your project.


And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.
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polly daydream
07-07-06, 22:43
Hi and welcome to the forum.