View Full Version : Paroxetine / seroxat the same ?

16-05-12, 14:48
Back Again,

Just received a repeat perscription from the GP, originaly perscribed Seroxat but now have Paroxetine and taking them, with some unusual effects.

Generaly, Upside, appetite up, sex drive improving, mood relaxed (No Anxiety), going out on occasion, stopping up later, sleeping improved.

Downside, still have the Mind fog, weakness, numb and tingley first thing (Improves as day goes on),

Question, since taking the Peroxatine the downsides seem more previlent I'm also more tired than when on the Seroxat, are there any differences between the two meds ?, should these symptoms still be around after five weeks into treatment.

Back at the GP's tomorrow. :wacko:

16-05-12, 15:11
They should be identical. Seroxat is just the brand name for Paroxetine.

21-05-12, 12:15
is the packaging the same as the first lot you took?

they write paroxetine on the prescription but you get seroxat - by GSK.

i have never had a generic brand before but have heard people in america getting the generic brand and having side effects from it.

hope that you feel better soon.

21-05-12, 14:44
Hi, first packet said Seroxat in large letters with Peroxatine in smaller letters below ?, new ones come in a child proof pot and only say Paroxatine, still stuggling with the Fog, and now have synus discomfort along with ear ache, Doc says just keep taking the tablets unless you start to fall over ?????, it's a viscious circle :wacko:.

05-11-12, 16:34
I am feeling the same, I have been on 30mg Seroxat for 20 years and my husband collected my repeat priscription last week which were paroxatine. I have said to him that I feel as though I havnt taken my tablets (I have been there before so I know the signs) I feel like I havnt slept, foggy head and loud ringing in my ears which is driving me mad.