View Full Version : referred for an ECG on Tuesday....please help me I feel sick and about to die!!

22-05-12, 18:48
Hi All

Sorry for the dramatic title but it is how I feel.

I have been very anxious lately with my husband hating his teaching job and being depressed, my upcoming exam which will pretty much determine the next yr of my life and a few other bits and bobs including fertility issues.

I have been experiencing palpitations for a few months now. Sometimes they just appear for no reason. Other times it has been when I have a hangover. Whilst checking my pulse I have noticed it sometimes feels irregular but I have read that can and does happen when you breathe sometimes (faster as you breathe in and slower when you breathe out). I also get not a pain but a niggle in the bone area above my left breast.

Anyway I went to the Dr today who has prescribed beta blockers and an ECG on Tuesday (she classed it non urgent). I cannot take the meds till after the ECG.

I am terrified I have a heart condition and that I will die before Tuesday or something silly xxx

22-05-12, 20:47
hi its really horrible when you feel like this i also suffer from palpitations not as much as i used to but i still get them like you i also used to get em bad when i had a hangover and i find i worry alot when i have one.
try not worry yourself just wait until you have your ecg you will not die so dont think like thatxx:hugs:

22-05-12, 21:19
Dont worry hun!

Several years ago I had an ECG because my heart kept skipping beats, it turned out to be Eptopic Heart Beats but like you i worried myself silly wondering what the results would be! All the Dr said was cut down on you coffee, tea and booze! That was 5 years ago and now if i get stressed I get "episodes" where I can almost hear it THUD and jump! so please dont worry:)

Liz x

23-05-12, 10:29

Please do not worry. I had palpitations and was really worried about them. As soon as I told my Dr she said "probably a vitamin deficiency" and she was correct! It was low folic acid. I am sure you will be fine!


23-05-12, 10:35
thanks guys :) i am a bit better today as I think even if it is a heart condition I have had it years so unlikely to drop dead before I get the results and if I do then cest la vie lol x