View Full Version : Having an non urgent ECG on Tuesday worried sick...age 29 and ruining my life

23-05-12, 11:54
Hi All

I went to a private GP around 4 weeks ago as I experienced palpitations and a pain in my left arm/upper left chest area and back regularly especially when anxious.

He listened to my heart, took my BP and did some physically exams on my neck and found I had a trapped nerve. He did not mention an irregular heart rhythm.

I have since then been keeping an eye on my pulse and have found it at times to be irregular even when it is at a normal BPM. My husband mentioned in passing that years ago he rememebrs falling asleep on my chest and hearing a really irregular heart beat.

So i went to a locum Dr yesterday who has arranged an ECG which she classed as non urgent for Tuesday. She said my BPM was fine and BP fine but didnt mention if it was regular or not.

I am terrified I have some underlying condition which could kill me before I even have the test on Tuesday :(

26-05-12, 22:32
Hi, I'm Very new to this site and hopefully this reply will find you.I'm 30 and been suffering from anxiety for 7 yrs, it's all really based around the fear of death mainly my heart. It seems like your gp is probably sending you for your peace of mind as nothing has been picked up previously. The worst thing you can do is take your pulse or have other people listen to your heart as were not doctors and don't no wot a normal heart beat sounds like. As you have said the pains in your arms are a trapped nerve and anxiety causes allot of tightness in the chest.
The only thing you can do to really put your mind at ease is go a&e where they will do it straight away if you say u have chest pain but I have done that previously when I had bad panic attacks and they always come back clear. Hope this helps Hun

28-05-12, 09:59
Hiya, just to reasurre you that an irregular heartbeat doesnt mean something sinister as I have one , mine sounds like it misses a bet when in fact as the ECG showed it was a double beat. so mine goes ....bump.... bump..... pause....bumpbump......bump. Its been doing this for years now and I had a heart scan ecg, 24 hour monitor and they all came back clear. At least you know the pain is a trapped nerve hun and I'm sure your ECG will come back clear too. Let us know how you get on xx

29-05-12, 20:23
Hi, hope your ECG went ok x