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11-07-06, 05:28
Just came off 4 very stressful months - worrying about cancer in various forms. Got all of my test results back and I know I dont have bladder/kidney/or testicular cancer. Friday morning after my doc appt I was flying high - convinced that these worry days were over - I mean how much more could I be tested for. I've had CT scans every 6 months for the past 4 years due to pulminary nodules in my lungs (very normal in Arizona). The nodules are stable so no worries there. So anyway on Friday I was feeling great, went to a movie and all of sudden BAM stomach ache. Didnt think much of it at the time, but when it continued into that night and into the weekend all the panic started all over again. I started shaking again and the dread set in. Couple times in the past day or so, I realized my stomach isnt hurting - and as soon as I say that - it starts hurting. I saw my doc today and he said that I didnt have stomach cancer, could be dyspepsia or possibly gall stones but cancer was not a concern. I should add that I deeply trust my doc, he is a kind man with great compassion. He has been in practice for over 30 years and has been continously listed as a top doc in Arizona. The anxiety has been hard but I have learned to trust my doc.

So why do I worry so? Why does my stomach hurt? When will this cycle end? Anyone else have this? My stomach hurts right below the sternum. Kind of feels like I've been punched there. My doc asked me if eating makes it better or worse - I told I didnt know - it depends on my mindset at the time. Is it possible that a stomach ache can last for days due to anxiety? My wife thinks that my diet that day (2 doughnuts, a big tub of popcorn, and a large soda - yes I know bad me) gave me a stomache ache and then my HA took over and won't let it go.

Any insight would be appriciated - sorry for the long post.

11-07-06, 08:50
Hi Kevin. I was stressed recently and had pains in my stomach and had the feeling that I was constantly full up (like I'd been eating big meals all the time). I knew it was stress, however took myself off to the doctor just to be reassured really. He prescribed some anti-spasmodic tablets but guess what? Next day the pain was gone. My discomfort was for about 3 weeks.

Also my brother gets stomach aches when he's stressed out.

11-07-06, 09:09
hi kevin

i get stomach aches all the time and at the minute it is really bad

this to me is one of the classic signs of anxiety, as claire weekes says, the stomach is the most sympathetic of organs and it weeps when we are down or vulnerable

i believe thisis true and you are not alone


11-07-06, 18:18
hi i have had stomahe problems for 4 months i mean sick as a dog when i wake up for no reasons and food bothers me if i eat past 5 well had all the stress done and it all came out neg but with the stomache aches and nausea brought on anxiety.. results were long term stress she has me on a nauseas pill for awile its an awful feeling i know but it does get better wish you the best...linda