View Full Version : My ECG is tomorrow...need help really struggling tonight

28-05-12, 19:48
I keep panicking I have a heart condition.

I have had twinges above left breast tonight in my shoulder and left arm which have gone now and could be explained by a possible trapped nerve as Dr said I deffo had one which was affecting left arm.

Palpitations have been going crazy but slowed now

Just need some support really as hubby thinks I am being silly worrying so much

28-05-12, 19:54
Good luck for tomorrow, just a few more hours and it will all be over - you will finally have peace of mind that you are fine. :)

28-05-12, 19:56
thanks Bessy....I wont sleep a wink tonight but as you say just one more sleepless night :)

28-05-12, 20:41
gd luck hun men they dont understand do they hope all goes well, have a warm bath milky drink and listen to a relaxtion cd if u have sum lavender put this on yr pillow. hope ive helped u let us know how u get on pm me plz take care huni:hugs::hugs: