View Full Version : swapping from citalopram to Seroxat

29-05-12, 19:57
Hi, I am new to the site and its so reassuring that I am not the only one out there suffering. I am due to swop to Seroxat from Citalopram, anyone any advice, Off work at the moment with depression and anxiety feel like my life is on hold, cant go out, socialise, feel I lost everything at the mo, and feel very fragile. Just hit the menopause as well, which hasnt helped.

Any advice would be warmly welcomed. xxx

30-05-12, 12:58
sorry to hear this.

why are you swapping? what are you hoping to gain from swapping meds? x

30-05-12, 17:58
Hi Julie, thanks for replying I am swopping meds because I have been on Citalopram for 4 years and they dont seem to be helping at all with this recent episode of depression and anxiety and I have taken seroxat before and it worked. So I have decided to swop, but not looking forward to it


05-06-12, 17:34
I am in a similar situation. I will soon be swapping from duloxetine to seroxat. I'm hoping it helps as the duloxetine doesn't seem to be.

14-06-12, 10:35
Ive been on seroxat for 11 years and I have been happy with it. Originally it was prescribed for ocd.

08-07-12, 11:11
it is an effective drug, i also had it for OCD, however, the withdrawal effects are horrendous im sorry to say :weep::

08-07-12, 15:45
I agree with Poppy, paroxetine (seroxat) works fine but getting off it is another thing, even missing a dose makes me feel dizzy and generally unwell. I have been prescribed citalipram in addition to paroxetine, but only a small dose. Does anyone else take both?