View Full Version : Clonazepam long term use

31-05-12, 21:15
I'm currently on citalopram 40mg for panic attacks and have been taking clonazepam for the last month or so. The clonazepam really helps. I'm not worried about becoming addicted as it has such a positive affect on me. My worry is that my doc will not allow me to stay on it.
Anyone got any experience of this or any similar meds?? I've suffered for 12 years and have had CBT, CAT and counselling which have helped but not cured by any stretch.
I'd appreciate any help xx

02-06-12, 19:08
I've been on Clonazepam for a couple of months now.......1mg/day........I've been a bit disappointed with it as its had very little if any effect on my anxiety. The psych has now doubled it to 2 mg/day but still doesn't seem very effective. My own gp reckoned 2mg was quite a hefty dose when I complained how ineffective it was!

10-10-12, 23:23
I suffer nightly hypnic jerks which prevents me from getting into sleep (a kind of sleep transition disorder) and my psychiatrist has prescribed me Clonazepam because it's longer acting than Zopiclone. Haven't tried it yet and hoping it'll work. Am hoping that it'll give me my sleep back but not to the point of getting me drowsy during the day though.

07-11-12, 12:44
Doctors are under a lot of pressure to discontinue any benzodiazepine or "z" drug as soon as possible (ie two weeks) due to issues of addiction and/or dependence.

My own feeling is that dependence and addiction aren't synonymous, and that it's not wrong to be dependent on one of the above drugs, provided that a regular dose satisfies your needs, and you feel no need to increase it.

07-11-12, 20:15
if its anything like lorazepam be warned your body will want more and more4 as time goes by and the drs will say no the youll be up the creek without a paddle