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02-06-12, 16:01
Ok could do with some reassurance. Currently on holiday and on the back of previous symptoms I have posted about I have now convinced myself I have Motor Neurons DIsease - my right upper arm feels heavy and it makes my hand feel a bit clumsy (no actual weakness) and my right leg still feels heavy as well as ongoing muscle twitches -please someone tell me MND doesn't present this way - I'm also only 30 so outside risk zone age wise. I am still also getting pins and needless in hands feet which alternate between right and left sides.

I am currently receiving a course of treatment at the chiropractor after an x ray revealed upper neck vertebrae were too tightly pushed together which I think can cause arm pain but I have had 2 out of my 12 'adjustments' and the dull ache is still there although the face pressure has subsided which has helped me move out of 'brain tumor' worry - unfortunately after small dabble with primary bone cancer, a brief lapse of MS and I'm now firmly at the door of MND and worrying myself sick on holiday.....REASSURANCE PLEASE XXX

02-06-12, 19:51
I can't give you any reassurance but i am having similar symptoms. My right arm keeps feeling weak and heavy and like it's got a mind of it's own and also pins and needles/prickly sensations etc and it just feels odd. My right leg feels different too sort of heavy and i keep getting cold feeling patches on it. MS, brain tumour and MND have crosse mind too x

02-06-12, 20:06
literally identical symptoms .... I love how you say 'crossed my mind' like a casual thought!!! mines a hysterical lock myself in my room on holiday and wait to die reaction!!!!!! x

02-06-12, 22:40
I first presented at my GP's office with MND fears and identical symptoms including fasciculations in March last year. I was diagnosed with anxiety. I successfully completed CBT in September last year. I am fine now.

Pins and needles are not a symptom of MND anyway and fascicilations are rarely a presenting symptom.

02-06-12, 23:03
There are a thousand other possible explanations for your symptoms, all far more likely than MND. I think because we have health anxiety we are totally tuned into our bodies 100% of the time. If I have the slightest bit of bodily discomfort - aching arm, pins and needles - I immediately think it is heart related. Before I wouldn't even have noticed it.

It helps to write down your fears in a list and then write a rational response to them. It's very unlikely you have MND. Best wishes.

05-06-12, 09:48
my arm ache is pretty bad today and right leg feels heavy .... I'm guessing tho it would have progressed beyond this now of it was MND as I've had this for 5 month now and it's only one side ....