View Full Version : weight gain?! olanzapine!!

02-06-12, 23:44
Hello I have only taken two 2.5mg of olanzapine in two days, I'm very slim and always have been and getting very anxious about weight gain, nicola1980 is the only person who said they haven't gained weight while taking it, does anyone else have any experience of olanzapine, I am on the lowest dose of 2.5mg a day xx

03-06-12, 06:49
Elad is right its usually high doses of olanzapine that cause weight gain and you can control it because the med actually just increases your appetite hence the weight gain so fi that happens just be careful what you eat! xx

03-06-12, 16:59
Thankyou, i have also heard some horror stories about it effecting liver and kidneys!? have you heard anything off this, also when you come off the pills is your metabolism still effected or do they go completely out of your system? thank you so much for your help xx