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03-06-12, 17:25
I had an ecg on thursday due to the fact my aunty died a month ago through sudden adult death.
I insisted on the ecg because I am so scared that it was some thing inherited!
Any way had the ecg done by a nurse and I have to wait until my dr appointment on friday to get results.
The nurse said she can't say my ecg is normal because my heart rate was very high but she's not sure whether this was because I was so nervous and stressed or because I have a problem there.

Any one else had a very high heart rate during their ecg and it has just turned out to be stress?
Also does any one know if an ecg can detect all problems with your heart or is there some thing more detailed that can be done?

Thanks in advance!

04-06-12, 00:03

04-06-12, 00:03

when i went to the drs for anxiety investigations, my heart rate was 150bpm!! so HE asked for an ECG, it went to 154bpm, the cardiologist analysing my ECG over the phone (it was on internet connection or something from the DRs) said "er...does the patient look ok?" I was just lay there smiling nervously on the bed!!

then I had to have a 5 day monitor so they could see i wasnt walking round with a crazy heart rate all the time.. the top rate they got on that was 125bpm

when i check my pulse manually at home, its usually knocking around 78bpm

THEN i went to cardiology (just to get formally checked over re:health anxiety) and during the ECHO my heart rate was 130, during the ECG it was 116 (they were really nice so they managed to calm me down slightly)

so with all this waffle im trying to tell you, yes, anxiety definitely affects ECG results lol

04-06-12, 00:15
Hi Cassy

I am sure that your heart rate was high because you were at the Dr's having the ECG. I hate going to the Dr's and have the "white coat syndrome". Just going to the Dr's gets my heart racing. I have had a couple of ECG's due to having palpitations ( was a vitamin deficiency).

I am sure the results will be fine. If you had the ECG on Thursday, I'm sure you would have had a telephone call, if anything had have shown up. So stop worrying!!


04-06-12, 00:22
Hi, thank you for replying :)
I'm not sure how high mine was but she said it was pretty high. I bet that was nerve wracking when they spoke to the cardiologist about it but it shows what nervousness and anxiety does doesn't it!

You have put my mind at rest a little now, thank you x

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Hi Mooky, thank you for replying :)
I know one thing I always get in hospitals and drs is high blood pressure so wonder if thats connected? Yet when they do my blood pressure at home its fine.

I hope they would have got in touch with me if some thing was wrong but the dr who referred me for the ecg is on holiday so not sure if another dr would have looked at it or not? x