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03-06-12, 17:32
I have also heard some horror stories about it effecting liver and kidneys!? have you heard anything off this, also when you come off the pills is your metabolism still effected or do they go completely out of your system? thank you so much for your help xx

i have only taken two, (1 x 2.5mg yesterday and 1 2.5mg the day before) so if i come off them now will they effect me long term?

03-06-12, 17:45
Hi who prescribed you the olanzapine? was it a physchatrist or your gp? maybe you should voice your concerns with them? as i say ive had no problems with the olanzapine and 2.5mg is a tiny dose, i think the problems arise when you are taking say 20mg but it sounds like your really unsure about them so i would speak with whoever prescribed them to you for your own piece of mind xx

03-06-12, 19:00
And you have had no problems, no side effects? xxxxx thankyou for your help Nicola!

03-06-12, 19:07
Had no problems at all, it works really well for my panic xx

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the only side effects i got was they knocked me out at first and gave me like internal body shakes but that soon wore off xx

03-06-12, 22:01
Yes that's exactly whats happened with me, thank you for your help and advice xx

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If you come off them after two days do you know how long they take to get out of your system completely? Xx

04-06-12, 06:33
they should be out your system in a few days, but i thin you should give them a shot, they have really helped calm me down xx

05-06-12, 01:15
Have been on 40mg citalopram for 7 yrs, olanzapine 5mg for 4yrs and 3mg lorazepam for 2.5yrs. Ever since my mum died in 2007 i had a complete breakdown, it was the worst time in my life, i admitted myself into hospital because i knew that was the best place for me, i was sleeping in my car in the hospital car park because everyday i thought i was going to die, i was going off my head. I was also very paranoid and panic ridden, they prescribed me olanzapine and at the time it was the best thing for me, a total lifesaver, however i have now decided to try and come off all my tablets, obviously not all at once but gradually. I have not taken my olanzapine for nearly 2mnths now and i feel ok, however i am still taking the citalopram and lorazepam but i have cut down my lorazepam to .5mg and 10mg citalopram, i do a lot of walking each say with my jack russell which really helps and today is the first time i have gone without lorazepam since i started taking it 2.5 yrs ago. I know i am rambling and this is the first time i have ever been on a site like this, i think deep down, you know within yourself if you still need to carry on with the medication, personally at first i felt embarrased with being on all the medication i was on, i was married, a sales manager with a good life but mentally i was not in a good place and me personally olanzapine really helped me at the time with regards to my paranoia and panic and anxiety. Saying that it is my aim to be off all my tablets by the end of the summer. I am going to machu picchu for 21/12/2012. Whatever you do, do what you feel is right for yourself, if you are on the medication for 1wk, 1month or 1yr, whatever, as long as you feel fine within yourself that is the main thing. Life is too short to have regrets, Love, Peace & Light, Ian x