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05-06-12, 22:39
My Doctor said that I am having to go in for another MRI. The results came back as a "focal curvilinear presumed enhancement measuring approximately 3mm at the left petrous apex just medial to the left meckels cave.

This all started several weeks ago when a sharp pain was going from my temple to the corner of my eye. I had blurred vision and ringing in my ears. They said it was prob. my nerve in that area not to worry. But to get an MRI just in case. And the first MRI said about the 3mm and needing a second MRI.

05-06-12, 22:50
Good luck with the 2nd MRI. I have no idea what you were diagnosed with as I have never heard of it but the doctor's know what they are doing.

Do you suffer with panic and anxiety as well ?

05-06-12, 23:42
Yes!! I take meds every day for them. I do not handle stress well at all.

05-06-12, 23:45
What medication are you on as well?

I assume what they found is nothing serious though?

06-06-12, 15:05
I might be able to come in on this as Ive had something similar show up on an MRI.
After suffering from terrible migraines a couple of years ago I had an MRI-which was reported back as normal. Then recently I had a review with another neurologist who explained that my brain scan had shown an area of high intensity in one area that showed up as a White spot about 6mm- she showed it too me and I was terrified thinking the worse-it turns out its nothing to worry about just an area of that shows up brightly on an mri-they are known as UBO S !! ( UNIDENTIFIED WHITE SPOTS ) and are sometimes caused by Migraine-PHEW !! The thing is I worried about it for ages increasing my anxiety but at the end of the day nothing can be done about it-and if Id never had a scan I would nt have known. hopefully yours is something similar,-Oh yeah and I ended up having another scan to check last year- and nothing had changed !! Hope this helps x:)