View Full Version : Agoraphobia and incapacity benefit/employment support allowance

08-06-12, 12:57
Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone had any experience of the medical assessments you have to go through for getting incapacity benefit/employment support allowance? I've just been sent a questionnaire to fill in to switch me from incapacity benefit to employment support, but it keeps going on about having to attend a face to face medical assessment. I can't get out to attend the assessment because of the agoraphobia ( duh this is why I'm on the benefit DWP idiots!) I have stated on the questionnaire that it would have to be a home visitand am getting a doctor's letter to back that up, but they've ignored all that in the past. JUst wondered if anybody had already been through this situation?


19-06-12, 21:10
Im currently going through this. I had a phone call a few weeks ago saying I was to attend a medical 11 miles away. I told them I was Agoraphobic so they told me to get my doctor to fax them a letter saying I would need a home visit. He did, but they then replied saying my reason for not attending was "not justified" and I was to turn up anyway. Well I didnt. They then sent me a questionaire asking why I hadnt turned up and why didnt I tell them this situation when they rang??!!??!! I have now been sent another appointment for a medical :shrug: Are these people seriously stupid? Do they know what Agoraphobia means?? :wall: I've had an absolute gutful. They can stop my money, I dont care anymore.

03-07-12, 17:54
Hi i had this problem last year.
In short, yes it can be done.
In long, I am currently claiming the work focus esa (the one where you're supposed to attend meetings and things.) I cant remember verbatim what happened (i blocked the ordeal from my memory) but it worked out. I sent in the questionnaire, was sent out a letter to attend an assesment, i rang and told them i couldn't and could i have a home visit. (They will more than likely give you one.) I was visited by a lovely doctor, who was very respectful and made me feel at ease ( I have a large problem with people entering my personal space.) I received another letter telling me i'd been accepted into the group stated above. As the other group is basically for terminal illnesses. I then received a letter to attend an interview at my local job centre, i rang and explained to the disability advisor why i couldn't attend. He told me he would look into a home interview as these are really necessary for your claim to the benefit. This was in february and haven't heard from him since.
Good luck, it is stressful and frustrating as heck, but it can be done.