View Full Version : Anyone had an upper Endoscopy ?

11-06-12, 11:39
Got to go and have one this afternoon and Im pretty nervous about it, has anyone here had one before ? how unplesant is it ?

I suffer with overbreathing pretty badly and Im really worried how the anesthetic is gonna feel, how numb does it make your throat ? will I still be able to feel myself breathing ? how big is the camera ?

really not looking forward to this at all :weep:

11-06-12, 11:43
I've had two, They numb your throat and you can request to be knocked out. It only takes about 10 mins. The camera is tiny . I dreaded it but wasnt half as bad as i thought it would be. If you get the knock out drops you need someone with you for 24 hours after

Good luck


11-06-12, 11:49
yeah I definately wont be having sedation, just worried about how numb my throat will feel, is it as bad as dentist numbing ? as that in my throat will scare the hell out of me.

11-06-12, 11:54
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11-06-12, 12:32

I had one a couple of months ago and I too was very apprehensive about it, understandably so. As others have said though it really is a quick procedure and it will be over before you know it.

I had both sedation (didn't really feel sedated) and numbing spray to the back of my throat. The numbing was very quick acting and it made me feel like I had a ball in my throat - it was slightly uncomfortable but nothing to worry excessively about (harder to do than say I know). It just feels slightly odd.

It isn't a fun procedure (won't lie) but it is not that intrusive - I gagged a couple of times on the camera whilst it was being moved around but as the procedure was so short it wasn't too bad. That was as bad as it got.

As I have said above this will be over before you even know it. Best of luck mate.

11-06-12, 12:54
Hi. I had one last year with numbing and sedation and to be honest I cannot remember a thing from the moment they started to sedate me (into a cannula in the back of my hand) till when they were wheeling me back to the recovery room.
I have been told by the nurse I was conscious but very relaxed. I had to wait an hour before I could go home and could not drive for twenty four hours but I did not feel sleepy or tired. I just felt normal.
Good luck :)

11-06-12, 13:17
They had a look at my throat (not quite the same I assume, but it was a camera up my nose and thence down my throat.)

I was scared *******, no sedation no numbing spray, but it was absolutely fine, really no problem at all, in fact less bad than them trying to look down there with the wooden spatula thing which always makes me gag.

11-06-12, 15:33
Well done


11-06-12, 16:50
Right well I've just got back from having it done and I have to say its Bl**dy unpleasent but I survived and feel fine now, was right on the verge of panic whilst having it done and it finished just at the right moment any longer and I would've paniced, the numbings wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be infact the whole thing wasn't but still really unpleasunt and I never want to have it again.

got a slight hiatus hernia and inflamed lining to my stomach, so just gotta wait for the biopsy results and change my diet.

11-06-12, 20:13
wouldnt have liked the camera up my nose. You did well