View Full Version : ATOS appointment

13-06-12, 16:50
I've finally been summoned for my atos appointment after 7 months of waiting.

I won't be able to attend the appointment given, but they only give a phone number to ring to change it.

Does anyone know if they have an email address for appointments... even a fax number for appointments would be useful.

I really hate speaking on phones. :weep:

13-06-12, 17:22
Why don't you get someone to call for you?

13-06-12, 19:28
get in touch asap or thay will stop your money
god bless

13-06-12, 19:31
I agree that maybe ask someone to call for you if that is possible, or at least be with you for added confidence. :)

Also, be prepared to give the reason why you cannot attend as they may ask.

13-06-12, 23:56
Why don't you get someone to call for you?

I can do that yes, I just thought they might get a bit funny if someone else phones on my behalf.

Thanks for everyones input. I know they can stop my money, so I will make sure I get the appoinnment rearranged in good time.