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18-06-12, 00:00

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any antidepressants that can be taken with amitriptyline? I started on amitriptyline 10 years ago and started on 10mgs i am now on 100mgs :ohmy:

I've just been through a pretty horrendous ordeal with my youngest son as he's been very poorly and had quite a serious leg op on Tuesday after leg pains for a year that up until Monday doctor's had put down to growing pains but after MRI scans it turns out he had a bone infection :weep:

Anyway i'm off to see my gp in the morning and hoping to get signed off work. I'm sick of 'just coping' and can't remember the last time i felt relaxed or truly happy. I seem to spend my whole life worrying about something (usually my 2 sons) and am seriously beginning to wonder if i have the energy to go on :weep:

Sorry for moaning, but i really need some help.

Thanks x

18-06-12, 07:27
The SSRI's can usually be taken with amitriptyline - but if its a GP - they shouldn't do it.

Maybe a short course of diazepam may be helpful for you to relax. A week or two might be idea?


31-07-12, 20:42
Yes, I take Prozac alongside it.. It helps me sleep better. Good luck to you.

23-09-13, 16:02
The SSRI's can usually be taken with amitriptyline - but if its a GP - they shouldn't do it.

I think this is very much dose dependent though. Amitriptyline (AMI) is used in lower doses (<50mg) very frequently for chronic pain or sleep problems. But at 100mg the OP is on a dose that would be considered therapeutic for depression.

There seems to be mixed messages out there.... I had one GP prescribe me citalopram 20mg when I was on 100mg of AMI for pain. The very next week I saw a more senior GP who told me I was absolutely NOT to take the two together as it wasn't safe. Out of interest I asked the pharmacist and he agreed with the senior doctor. Luckily I hadn't started the citalopram yet.

Since then I've also read AMI+ Fluoxetine (prozac) can be a dangerous combination depending on the dosages involved. This is supposedly because the prozac may slow down how fast the AMI is cleared out of the body, meaning you can get a build up to toxic levels if you are on a highish dose of AMI.