View Full Version : Seeing the Dr after letter.

19-06-12, 14:35
i had a blood test at the hospital tuesday last week, i go every 4 months to see the hospital to check my blood pressure caused by my panic disorder. yesterday i got a letter saying the results are in and to see my GP. so i am off there at 3:10 today. i am worried what im going to find out. i dont need any more stress!:weep:

19-06-12, 15:01
It is probably nothing to worry about but Good Luck

You are lucky to get to see a doctor that quick - we have at least a 2 week wait here!

19-06-12, 15:41
Let us know how you get on


25-06-12, 12:12
Thank You Nicola and Joy, I have got a vitamin D deficiency and my cholesterol has gone up that's why they called me in. i have been given vitamin D tablets and told to do more exercise to get my weight down. 2 Lots of Tablets now with my sertraline.