View Full Version : Endoscopy with throat spray

26-06-12, 21:40
Hello just thought I would add my two pence worth on this as I had an endoscopy earlier today to check my stomach etc. I've been having acid and slow stomach emptying so they were looking for stuff related to that. I went for the throat spray as I would have panicked more with sedation. I can honestly say the worst part of the whole procedure was having my throat sprayed. Once I had got used to the numb feeling it was easy, had no gagging when the tube went in and no problems swallowing it down. I know everyone has different tolerance levels etc but honestly the thought of this was far worse than the actual event. Anyone concerned about having it done with just throat spray please be assured it is nothing to be frightened of, I am really pleased I went through with it, they found a tiny gastric erosion but nothing sinister which was my real fear. I hope if anyone is going through this soon then everything goes well :yesyes:

30-06-12, 15:01
Thanks for that, I will have to go for an endoscopy in the next weeks and it's making me anxious. Think I'll go with the throat spray only as well, don't particularly like the idea of being sedated.

30-06-12, 15:18
Well done and good luck, :)

02-07-12, 08:47
If neccessary the sedative literally lasts nor more than 10mins not like completely knocked out. Just have to hve some one with you to take you home whereas with the throat spray you are safe to go home alone.