View Full Version : ok, today is the day I start seroxat

30-06-12, 05:22
and I admit I'm terrified. I guess I shouldn't be as I've been on effexor and duloxetine which also have bad withdrawal associated with them and I got off those.

I actually asked my GP for seroxat, it's one of the few pills I've not been on. After this (if it doesn't work) I guess it's the antipsychotics.

Wish me luck, I'm scared. :hugs:

30-06-12, 07:40
BHD - Good luck. We ALL need it. x

30-06-12, 08:25
Hi Blue
Don't worry too much about taking Paroxetine (brand name Seroxat), I have been taking it for many many years of varying doses and it does help with my depression. I had mild side effects initially, nausea and dizziness, but they lasted only a couple of weeks. However I do notice when I have missed a dose as I experience similar effects in addition to what I can only describe as head shocks which make me jump and feel a bit strange, but shortly after taking my regular dose they again disappear.
The drug makes me feel sleepy as it is also a mild sedative, so I found it best to take at night to help me sleep. Of course the effects will vary depending on the dose you have been described.
I'm sure you will be fine, please try not to worry.
Good luck xx

01-07-12, 07:07
Thanks peeps.

I'm on 20mg, not sure if that's a big dose or not. I took it 2hrs ago and feel exhausted now. I didn't realise it made you sleepy.

So, day 1 now. I think the GP thought 2-3 weeks before it might make a differences.

02-07-12, 13:27
yes seroxat would make me sleepy - i could easily sleep up to four hours in the daytime when i wasnt working after i had already had 10 hours sleep.

now i am weaning and down to 5.6mg - i am sleeping alot less at weekends.

03-07-12, 04:01
Day 3 and yesterday I felt a lot less sleepy with the seroxat, but then I was very anxious last night, more than tonight I think.

My insomnia is in full swing. I wake up at 8-9pm and sleep about 10-11am atm.

07-07-12, 12:15
Feeling very odd today. I'm one week in. Not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling. The GP did say to expect to feel worse before feeling better and I do feel worse.