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april tones
16-07-06, 15:47
This is triggering my ocd
I have mastered all other symptoms apart from horrible thoughts and guilt
But we have never been settled but hopefully will soon, few weeks
It really triggers my ocd, the carpets and floors get to me, the bits,marks etc make me go mad inside! cant stop talking about it, all mess,stuff out of place! any one else know what its like? x

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16-07-06, 16:20
i know exactly how u feel i moved house 6 weeks ago and the build up too it had my anxiety through the roof,i had horrid thoughts and was down at a@e aswell totally freaked me out as id never had horrid thoughts b4 and ive had panic attacks for 15yrs:( im still finding it hard too settle in here and my anxiety is still high everytime i get horrid thoughts i have too try and think about something else i honestly thought i was losing my mind

april tones
16-07-06, 17:00
Hi caz

I get the same!!
Horrible thought which make you feel guilty? am i right? xx

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polly daydream
17-07-06, 01:16
I am just the same, it drives my partner mad and me.


april tones
17-07-06, 01:26
With the moving or thoughts? xx

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