View Full Version : head and neck mri - injection?

04-07-12, 05:07
for a head and neck mri do u have to have an injection or do you just go in.

04-07-12, 07:12
I had a head MRI scan and I just went straight into the machine, no injections. It's completely painless and you have a button to communicate with the operator if you're finding it oppressive, who can then stop it. I nearly fell asleep!

You'll be fine

Pip x

05-07-12, 08:06
hi I had it today, no injection but it took 45min and was teriifying for the whole time, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done. but i did it.

05-07-12, 16:46
Hiya butterfly00 sorry you found it terrifying what part was it that made you feel like that?

I had a head mri several months ago and found it okish just then entering the machine was a bit freaky. Also have to have a neck mri next week friday the 13th LOL. My first was with dye but i think the next is without.