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04-07-12, 11:48
Hey everyone,

So i've not been on this site for a while, i've been feeling pretty good, got my meds sorted out and have been just chilling, came back to work and everyone has been lovely came back fazed so shorter days for a while, this week is my first wek back up to full time, and it's exhausting i can tell ya.

So meanwhile i got myself pregnant, Woot! it's great and we're very happy, we were not trying not preventing and i thought it would take months and months but it only took 2, im about 5 weeks now so it's all very new and scary.

Im freaking out in fact, i feel sick all the time, i havent been sick but i feel nauseous, my back hurts and im getting terrible cramps of an evening, i feel like im huge even though i've not put any weight on (i weighed this morning).

I went to the Dr the other day and discussed my meds and even though the risk is very small we decided to reduce my dose with a view to coming off altogether, which is great, but now im worried that im going to freak out again, it was only a few months ago that i had a very precise plan of how i was going to kill myself, i had written letters andeverything and now im pregnant and coming off meds am i stupid!?! my partner is concerned as he doesn't want me having a meltdown again and it wouldn't be good for bump but the health risks if i stay on have to be higher dont they.

So i dont know what the point of this post is really, it's not a question as such just i dont know it's hard as no one knows as we're keeping it quiet until 12 weeks.

I really have no clue what im doing, im a total mess and im having a baby that's insane!!! what was i thinking

19-10-12, 15:14
What you're feeling is normal for pregnant people. I even cried a couple of times during my first trimester for reason that only me knew about, lol. How about asking for professional help like attending counselling or something. I knew it'll surely help you with the situation.

24-10-12, 13:34
COngratulations! How exciting. I can imagine you are feeling anxious. Do talk to your midwives about your history - they will look after you extra well and make sure all who need to be are aware of your past anxiety/depression. I was v anxious during my last pregnancy - worried that I would not cope, would reject my baby etc...but as soon as he was here I was the happiest I've ever been in my life.

I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and get the support you need. x

24-10-12, 14:49
Congratulations!!!! What lovely news, hey, don't beat yourself up, every woman craps themselves when they first find out they are pregnant, that's normal. All you can do is try your best, if there was anything that ever made me feel great, it was having my kids, I have been a panicking wreck forever but the baby years were defo the best for me, you might be the same. Xxx