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17-07-06, 09:47
....and I'm fine [8D], well my brain is - it's very healthy apparently and no indication of anything horrible going on. I told the neuro how worried I'd been and he said there was never any cause for worry but the MRI for the brain was for my peace of mind. However I have 3 slipped discs - 2 in my neck and one in my back. This explains the funny feelings in my legs and arms. So physio starts Tuesday.

17-07-06, 11:40
That's great! Bet ur so releved? xx

17-07-06, 11:46
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my god yes :D was having all sort of anxieties just waiting to go in the neuro's office then when I left, it was if all the weight on my shoulders had just been lifted.

17-07-06, 11:58
Hi Jenny,

Im so so pleased for you. I bet you feel on top of the world now.

Great news


17-07-06, 14:35
Well that is very good news:) - now you can put that particular worry behind you and concentrate on the physio.

Love Piglet xx

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17-07-06, 14:59
That is brill news, good luck with the physio.

Take carexx


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17-07-06, 16:45
Hi Jenny, great news from the MRI. All the best with the physio too, you'll be feeling right as rain in no time

Take care

'This too will pass'

Two heads
17-07-06, 17:55
Thats greatjenny im so pleased for you!Maybe this will help put your mind at rest nowxxx

polly daydream
18-07-06, 17:51
That's great news Jenny, I'm so pleased for you.


18-07-06, 18:48

Aw am pleased for you. Bet you are a lot calmer now mate. Good luck with the physio.

x x

april tones
18-07-06, 20:56
ah well done
i had one few yrs ago and was clear so i know what its like
i have fibro tho so needed clear one to rule out nasties xx

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19-07-06, 10:46
thanks for all your kind words. What a difference it makes to get rid of all that worry. I went off to physio yesterday and saw the MRI report and although it's very medically worded I could see the words "perfectly normal" associated with my brain scan so I'm a happy bunny.

However my back and neck - well that's another matter :D the whole of my right side is stiff - god knows why???? Anyway there is no way slipped discs can be "fixed", I just have to learn to manage them, ie posture, good seating and lifting etc and do stretch exercises every day [Sigh...]

19-07-06, 22:21
peace of mind is precious and im glad you have that now

it was worth it then


20-07-06, 08:42
<b id="quote">quote:</b id="quote"><table border="0" id="quote"><tr id="quote"><td class="quote" id="quote">peace of mind is precious and im glad you have that now

it was worth it then


<div align="right">Originally posted by jackie - 19 July 2006 : 23:21:56</div id="right">
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you are so right - I never thought of it like that. When I remember just a couple of weeks back thinking how scared I was, it's amazing the difference and relief you feel when you are told there is nothing wrong.