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05-07-12, 15:11
Hope you are all well. I haven't been on here for a while as i was doing really well. Anyway about 7wks ago my Dr prescribed me 25mg a day of Atenolol and at first i felt great. The last week i've been starting to feel slighly off balance again, heavyness in my head and eyes and just generally don't feel right! Of course with HA i'm convinced it's side effects to the Atenolol. I saw a gp last night because i needed a repeat prescription and she said that i shouldn't get side effects because 25mg is a low dose. I've been reading up on it on the dreaded internet and the amount of people that have taken this drug and said that it's made them feel awful. I'm now convinced that my heart will stop because my heart beat is sometimes 54 bpm (dr said was ok).

Help x

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05-07-12, 17:00
Beta blockers can be wonderful for some people as they slow the heart down and prevent the anxiety chemicals that your body produce from giving you physical symptoms but they can themselves cause side effects in some people that are as bad as the physical symptoms from anxiety.

As long as you are not asthmatic then you just have to decide which is the best for you. I cannot take them as I had asthma as a child but a friend of mine did and she said she felt dreadful like a heavy headed zombie so gave up on them but then other people think they are great and have no noticeable side effects.

25mgs is not a very tiny dose as my friend started on only 10mgs, maybe ask if you can start on 10mgs and work up and see how you feel??