View Full Version : Quetiapine (Seroquel) and citalopram?

05-07-12, 22:38
hi folks...can i ask have any of you tried Quetiapine? either on its own, with citalopram or any other anti depressant? Im just curious of any one's experiences of it if it has been used and for what? My doc wants it to stop brain chatter and get sleep pattern back into order?
thanks x

06-07-12, 09:10
Hi Suzee,

at last, a post about Quetiapine:) It doesn't seem so commonly taken on here.

I've been on Citalopram, now 40mg, for 7 months and had success with relieving depression, but anxiety was still big problem. I started Quetiapine 25mg, increased up to 100mg about 10 days ago.

Really feel I have hit the spot with this recent increase, anxiety has been way down these last couple of days.:):)

It has helped alot with sleep, which was very poor before. Each increase helped a bit more, now I've been having the best sleep for a very long time this week. But..... I do sleep a lot, 11 hours at the moment, but as adjustment occurs I'm expecting that to go down. It feels a natural sleep though, not drugged.

Tiredness generally is the main side effect that I've had, it does settle down a week or two after each increase.

I'm really pleased that it was prescribed for me, it's made all the difference.

Hope this helps you. I probably sound a bit over enthusiastic about it, but for me it's just what I needed.:)

06-07-12, 16:36
hi lilac
to be honest i have heard mainly good things about quetalipine...so i am just waiting to get started...seems to be very successful for anxiety and panic so yes thank you for yet another positive post about it....
i am meant to start on 25mg twice a day but may just take 25 aT NIGHT AND GRADUALLY INCREASE...i am also on citalporam..should be on 40 but tke 30 at moment as feel that is manageable...diazapam when needed which i havent needed for a couple of weeks and zopiclone when desparate.
thnx again lilac and fingers crossed for us both xx