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11-07-12, 09:30
I am very new so be gentle with me :wacko:
After 7 years on duluxatine and now age 48 i have decided to give it up.
I have been taking 30mg Which i reduced from 60mg last year .my doctor does not no about the reduced dose.
so its cold turkey time for me and i am on day four. Have not told a sole as wanna deal with it on my own ( i am a very withdrawn person and tend to keep things to myself.)
I dont know why i have taken the plunge it just seemed that when i approached my doctor she said it was ok for me to be on them for the rest of my life and i think this frigthened me a bit.
Have also recently given up work just got fed up with it so now at home full time. So new start for me had a teary day yesterday and already lost some weight yipee. i know this is gonna be hard so thats why i need sum backup from others that have done the same. so please feekl free to chat as its always good to know you are not alone :yesyes:

26-12-12, 13:50
Hi Jan,
I discovered Duloxetine about a year ago and I ain't never coming off it. I wish you all the best.


26-12-12, 22:06
I think you should tell your doctor about the reduction in dose - I'm on a different medication and I know that with mine you should never change your dose without consulting your doctor. They will be able to discuss a withdrawal plan with you and they will be able to make sure you are safe. :)

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Oh gosh I just realised that I replied to a really old post, thinking it was from today! :blush::roflmao:

27-12-12, 05:29
Appropriate title for this time of year.. :winks:

30-12-12, 23:47
Cold Turkeying medication is a terrible idea. As far as I'm aware Cymbalta has a really short half life (like Venlafaxine) so any withdrawal symptoms will be pretty bad.

You want to come off meds very, very gradually - its not just things like dizziness and brain zaps which are the issue - you also need to watch out for rebound anxiety, which can be worse than your anxiety pre-meds.