View Full Version : My leg feels weak - ALS/MND fears have come back :(

17-07-12, 16:33
Hi All,

Haven't been on here for a while. My HA settled down for a couple of years but for the last 18 months it has been slowly returning (breast cancer scare, STD worries, dementia fear in last 12 months).

Nearly two months ago I was at a party and a few drinks had been taken. I fell over (don't know if I tripped or just fell) but after that I started worrying again. I had the ALS/MND fear about 4.5 years ago (someone I know was diagnosed with it) and ti was horrible but after a trip to the neuro I started to get past it and thought it would never bother me again. Sadly I was wrong. Since the falling incident I have been noticing differences in my hands, feet, arms and legs and have been obsessively checking every day. The anxiety has been getting worse and worse. I saw the GP on Friday who said MND at my age is so so rare (I am 33) and I didn't look like I had it (he did not do any strength tests though). I pointed out a funny couple of dents in my foot and he said no it doesn't present like that. He said it was a disease of the motor system and atrophy happened due to lack of use when the muscle stopped working. He basically said just don't worry about it.

Since then my right leg (the one with the dents in the foot) feels weak and like it might buckle at any time. I feel like I am limping a bit but not all the time. There is a strange feeling in my leg - almost like a nervous feeling in it if that makes sense! It looks slightly thinner than the other and there is a 2cm difference just above the knee. I have tried some strength tests and I can do them all but it does not stop the worrying.

I am freaking out massively :weep:. Seeing my counsellor tonight and have another GP appt for Friday to say how worried I am. I really thought I would never be back here with this particular worry. Last time I got really depressed. I have never tried anti-ds and I know the GP will want to put me on them but I am scared of the effect long and short term.

17-07-12, 17:52
I'm in the same boat as you (you can check my threads). In my case it's my left leg which feels weak. Also it seems to me that I maybe limping a bit...but I don't think is true. No body has told me anything...so if I was limping a bit someone would have noticed. Also I'm checking my strength all the time and also check the differences of the muscles between my left and right leg. It seems the left one is a bit thinner...but I guess it's normal, since my right side is the stronger one.

I have been worrying about this for 6 weeks and at one point it felt so weak than I wouldn't get out of the house. I have started anti-anxiety meds 1 month ago and they're helping. I can still feel the weakness, but I'm going to work normally, last weekend drove for about 8 hours and I'm trying to do all the normal things. although the fear of MS/MND/ALS is still there, I'm trying to take it easy and do not worry too much. Hopefully it will get better...

P.S. What strengths test have youtried?

17-07-12, 17:57
Hi Matrix,

Just tried stuff like walking on tip toes and heels, hopping on each foot, jumping up stairs two feet at a time, balancing on each foot, running etc. All ok.

The thigh being thinner on the left I think has been there a long time I just never measured it until now. I remember a couple of years ago I noticed my inner thigh went in more on the right side. So it may just be how I am but with this anxiety I am sure it is not.

17-07-12, 18:02
I have done the same tests :) and they seem OK to me at least...I can do all of them although the left leg feels weaker and it seems to get tired more easily than the right.

I'm "new" to this anxiety stuff, but it seems it's very powerful and can give you very strange symptoms.

18-07-12, 10:31
Oh bugger now my right arm feels weak. And my hand seems clumsy and uncoordinated.

18-07-12, 10:40
As I said...in my case both the left arm and left leg are affected. I'm trying to not worry too much (I know how hard it is, but meds can help) and hope for the best...

18-07-12, 12:31
Thanks :)

I am seeing the doctor on Friday to ask if he can do a quick check and see if he thinks I need to be referred to a neuro. I think I will ask for medication anyway as I am struggling to function normally with the anxiety. Bit worried as I am taking my kids camping next week so not sure if it is a good idea to be starting a new drug which usually has side effects.

18-07-12, 13:05
When I started Escitalopram it had some side effects, but I guess it depends. In my case benzos (Xanax) helped to manage the side effects. After the first week or so things started to improve and in general I feel much better, although the left side weakness is persisting, but not as bad as before.

Hoping the best for you :)