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17-07-12, 18:57
I suffer from panic attacks/agoraphobia for 6 years.My doctor prescribed me with ladose and a 5mg zyprexa.As she explained me zyprexa will act as a tranqualizer.So i did what she asked and started taking the medication.

After a month i had problems with increased appetite, a lot of sleep,and huge luck of concentration. So i made the worst mistake of all and cut zyprexa cold turkey.I asked my doctor and she said to replace it with xanax and i ll be fine.

After 3 days(not taking zyprexa nor xanax) i ve got a full blown attack and yesterday out of no where i felt so much terror for a long time.I took 2 xanax just to maintain my sanity.It was so terrible night.

My doctor says that cutting off zyprexa has nothing to do with this.Its me that i got worse.But i cannot believe that i got so much worse after 6years.So please any opinion is welcomed.I am in such a bad situation right now.

18-07-12, 22:15
This may come as a surprise for you mdnight, but that doctor probably either does not know what they are doing or is not giving you the right treatment. If they are giving you the right treatment, then maybe your provoking your panic attacks by having fear.

One option you can do while taking the Zyprexa is to try to act like a normal person would. Just try to do normal activities like you would always do without having a "look over your shoulder" moment of fear.

While having a panic attack, try telling yourself you do not fear it. This can shorten the attack substantially from a couple minutes to a few seconds. Try basic breathing techniques as well. They will at least calm your nerves long enough so that the panic attacks will not happen as frequently.

The point is that you need to do your part or else the medication is useless! Try them out and see if they help even if just a little.